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Fair Trade - A video from Patagonia

Created by ReoStevens 7 months ago, 18 Jun 2017
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18 Jun 2017 5:04AM
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When you're exploring an island group in the world's largest ocean, there are two things for sure: You'll find waves, and you'll find no lack of wind. Not long ago, a crew from Patagonia joined the Cabrinha Quest to put our new Fair Trade Certified? gear through its paces on a sail-powered expedition in Micronesia. From reef pass barrels to flatwater foilboard sessions in shallow lagoons, it's fair to say that they found what they were looking for.

Featuring Reo Stevens, Jason Slezak, and Dan Malloy.
Also there: Jason McCaffrey, Scott Soens, Tyler Emmett the crew of Discovery, Tom Chidgey Emma Manouchka


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"Fair Trade - A video from Patagonia" started by ReoStevens