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Fighting the chill

Created by Keaw Yed. 5 months ago, 17 Sep 2023
Keaw Yed.
WA, 200 posts
17 Sep 2023 9:39PM
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Does anyone have recommendations for a vest / top to keep the chill away when kiting.

Not looking for a wetsuit but need something to keep my core warm and reduce the wind chill.

Only need it for the start/end of the summer seasons. I am getting old ??or soft ??so starting to feel the cold.


WA, 945 posts
20 Sep 2023 12:30PM
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Hey mate,

We have neo tops, smoothie zip tops and even impact vests that will double in keeping you warm as well as impact protection.



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"Fighting the chill" started by Keaw Yed.