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Fiji Coral Coast

Created by Desertsurfer Thursday, 9 Aug 2018
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Thursday , 9 Aug 2018 1:43AM
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Hello all, wanted to thank "ya'll", as we say in some southern parts of the US, for the kitesurfing brotherhood, been reading your posts for years, finally signed up. Read through the posts on Fiji I could find on the forum already.
Question: got 4 days at the Wellesley on the Coral Coast of Fiji, and one week at Tavarua, trip of a lifetime coming up end of this month. Traveling with my wife (likes flat water kiting) and I am a pretty confident and obsessively addicted wave kiter. Will definitely post a full review when I get back, but wanting some input if anybody has been to the area.
At Tavarua I will have support since they boat you to the different breaks, but I found very little about the wave kiting on the Coral Coast. Ideally, I would like to connect/hire someone to guide me with wave kiting on the Coral Coast, honestly am very respectful of coral and have no desire to get shredded on it, so having a local to steer me to the right places would be really reassuring.
I live in Arizona and kite the Sea of Cortez, where I kite 10 to 30 mile downwinders in the waves are the norm, if any chance of downwinders on the Coral Coast would be wonderful, but I would not dare to do that without a guide. I saw something on the internet about Ben Wilson doing downwinders on the Coral Coast from Matanavisu next door to the Wellesley, actually the reason I am staying there.
Appreciate any input!

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Saturday , 11 Aug 2018 10:39PM
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i spent 2'weeks there recently and kited most days

didnt see any other kites

rode a 14m most and an 11 overpowered a few days

best was at sigatoka rivermouth on a sandy beach big waves
it was windy as but deserted (I was alone) and a bit sketchy if u messed up - I didn't see anyone in a 2 hr session there one day

You need to hire a car ( they are pretty cheap) to get around

its really tide dependant. It was low tide during the afternoon when I was there so couldn't kite a lot of the reefs

many would be great on high tide

kired out the front of a few resorts
some get more wind due to a better direction of coast - I just cruised the highway and kited anywhere it looked ok all the resorts were ok with me parking and using their beach to launch
a lot of spots need 2 people to launch/land due to the coral

the reefbreaks are pretty knarly and shallow - you don't want to drop it out there but fun. No real down the line though

watch out for the coral lumps on the sand when launching/landing though it will rip up your gear

thers a village lagoon by the large pier that was ok on mid low tide but flat water only. You will see it on your way to the resort it's a sand bottom

good luck

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Sunday , 12 Aug 2018 3:01AM
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Thanks for the great input. Tide should be right for high tide in the afternoon for the days I am there. Heard the reef pass between the Wellesley and Matanivusi is good for waves on either side, will plan to focus on this spot most likely as is right by the resort. Will do a downwinder if I get a boat for support that inspires any confidence of not being left out there. 10 days away, will post a review of the spots on way back.

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Monday , 13 Aug 2018 5:31AM
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Was over there for a surf trip many years ago.
Stayed with friends of friends in the village on the beach at Sigatoka.
One if the very few beach breaks.
We surfed the reef passes but these were super gnarly, if not unsurfable at low tide.
The beach was our low tide goto.

I didn't kite back then it looking back on it,that beach would have been epic to kite. Wide rivermouth at one end and long lefts rolling around the reef on right hand side.

Might be be an option for you and I reckon worth checking out.

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Wednesday , 15 Aug 2018 2:17AM
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Thank you Simsurf. At the end of our trip will have two days on Viti Levu with low tide in afternoon so Sigatoka beach will be the target now that I know that...
I will post a review of the whole trip after I get back.

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Yesterday , 15 Aug 2018 11:36AM
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Sigatoka - no wind, but good for a paddle.

Reef pass out the front of Wellesley

Reef pass out the front of Wellesley

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4 hours ago , 16 Aug 2018 1:34AM
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Yes Tim!
Here at work in the the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona, daydreaming in my office between patients( I am an eye doc) at work looking at the beautiful images!


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