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Hamelin Bay

Created by olyowl 4 months ago, 24 Oct 2023
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24 Oct 2023 4:23PM
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Any one kited Hamlin Bay? Keen for any inside knowledge. Any waves?

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24 Oct 2023 5:25PM
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crappy waves. I have kited there once (black circle) nothing special about the place.

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27 Oct 2023 2:32PM
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I live overlooking the bay. Rarely kite it - summer prevailing winds see it in a wind shadow - winter NW winds see launching a bit of a pain due to a narrow beach, winter SW winds and its in a wind shadow. Its lumpy/bumpy whenever I kite it.

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2 Nov 2023 6:28AM
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I kited it on a NWer once. At the Southern end. The wind was reading pretty strong on sea breeze but it was still dicey. Much better places around for smooth wind if you wait for a normal Seabreeze.


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"Hamelin Bay" started by olyowl