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How to stabilise video?

Created by wishy 4 months ago, 3 Feb 2019
WA, 1368 posts
3 Feb 2019 9:27AM
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Just wondering if anyone knows the best way to stabilise video.
I have been trying to stabilise some 2.7k 60FPS gopro footage in Filmora, but it just turns to rubbish quality.
Does final cut pro stabilise in 2.7k+ or does it downsample to some crappy resolution like Filmora?

Maybe I should go to the apple store and do it when they're not looking on an 8 grand demo model computer

QLD, 2340 posts
3 Feb 2019 7:25PM
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The hyersmooth from the go pro 7s are pretty incredible, its like a build in gimble. I know it doesn't really help you current issue. But good information to know anyway.

WA, 1368 posts
3 Feb 2019 7:07PM
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It's still just software stabilisation though right? Like you can film bumpy footage on any camera/phone/gopro and stabilise it on the computer?

WA, 7229 posts
3 Feb 2019 9:08PM
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Stop wanking helps

QLD, 3913 posts
4 Feb 2019 5:25AM
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FCP doesn't down sample but manually stabilizing video takes forever.

VIC, 4192 posts
4 Feb 2019 6:30AM
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The new GoPros have accelerometers and gyroscopes built in to do the stabilisation. It's not just software.

WA, 1207 posts
5 Feb 2019 10:06AM
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Hi wishy.

It's always best to stabilize video at the source, i.e. use a camera with image stabilization, in some cameras you need to enable this function and that function might not be available at very high resolutions or at very high FPS. In my experience it's much better to downsize the resolutions to 1080p 60fps and get image stabilization enabled rather than shoot at 4K without any stabilization possible....especially if you're shooting kitesurfing footage while riding.

Post-stabilization is very easily done through Adobe Premiere Pro CC using warp stabilizer

I strongly recommend this software, it takes while to get used to it but totally worth the effort. Plenty of free tutorials around



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