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Katie Potter and Ewan Jaspan win Kite Park League World Championships

Created by Windgenuity 4 months ago, 1 Nov 2023
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1 Nov 2023 12:12PM
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Our very own kite designer, Ewan Jaspan, and International Rider, Katie Potter, claimed the World Champion Titles of the Kite Park League in Brazil last week.

NAISH proudly announces that Ewan Jaspan and Katie Potter, equipped with our latest 2024 kites, have clinched the titles of World Champions at the Kite Park League finals in Brazil. This is the first time a kite designer representing any brand has secured a world championship title! We are stoked to share that our kite designer has reached this position in the kiteboarding world. It's also a very unique coincidence that Ewan and Katie, who are partners, have both found themselves at the top of the podium in this highly competitive event.

Congratulations to Katie and Ewan from the entire Naish family!

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Froth Goth
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1 Nov 2023 9:15AM
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Very cool to see

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1 Nov 2023 6:11PM
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Well done Ewan and Katie, rad power couple!


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"Katie Potter and Ewan Jaspan win Kite Park League World Championships" started by Windgenuity