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Kitesurfing 5 line bar and north rebel kites

Created by ocean2002 2 months ago, 19 Dec 2023
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19 Dec 2023 11:31PM
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I just bought 2 second hand north kites and north 5 line bar. I have only ever used 4 line bars, but the person who sold them to me told me that you just hook them up. I just layed out my lines and am now confused where the fifth line goes. There is a fifth line pocket with more line in it but it's really long, I'm not quite sure what to do.

WA, 726 posts
20 Dec 2023 12:13AM
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What north kite
A rebel? Think the rebel has..or had options of either or(4or5)
yes middle line was long it provided more stability if a rebel i had them on 5 it was pretty sh#t without a fifth line to be honest but they may have changed with the years dont really know

Say what kite someone will help ..

QLD, 793 posts
20 Dec 2023 5:51AM
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The Safety Line is a 5th line connected to the centre of the leading edge on LEI kites. For the safety system to work correctly, the bar must slide along the 5th line for a distance equal to 1 kite line.

It facilitates the relaunch of C kites, but some brands use it for structural stability of the kite, however, the depowering is less than the front re-ride system and the risk is that the 5th line may wrap around the kite as it is attached to the kite tow point (where the pump leash connects)....

WA, 1511 posts
20 Dec 2023 6:17AM
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Hi ocean2002,

As Tim said, you need to provide more info about your kite year model.

However, my guess is that you most likely have some 2018 North Rebels, which were the first to be able to be flown on 4 OR 5 Lines.

Note that all North Rebels 2017 and prior had to be flown on 5 lines and that the 5th line had to be loaded as it was an important part of the structure of the kite, meaning that North Rebels from 2017 and older could not be flown on 4 lines.

If the only bar you have to go with those kites is a 5-line bar, then yes, use the optional 5th line as you don't have much choice (unless you modify the bar which I don't recommend especially if you don't know what you're doing). That 5th line should NOT be loaded (assuming you have the 2018 Rebels). When flying the kite, make sure that the safety line (5th line) has a bit of slack it in when you pull the safety line below the chicken loop. If your safety line (5th line) is hard pressed against the chicken loop, you need to do a bit of tuning as the kite won't fly well if the 5th line has tension all the way down to the chicken loop.

if you have the 2018 North Rebel then the 5th line is pretty much useless as it has zero impact on the behavior of the kite and was just there so that 5th line fans could still use it. But as I said, if you have a 5 line bar then you don't have much choice to use the optional 5th line on your kite. If you don't want to use the 5th line on a 2018 North Rebel, then you will have to get a compatible 4-line bar.

hope this helps

Christian - KiteBud


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