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Created by danw > 9 months ago, 4 Dec 2012
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4 Dec 2012 11:47AM
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Anyone know if there are any winds around there? I'll be heading there next week and I'm unsure whether i should bring some gear.

There is this site:

but I'm not sure how reliable the information is.


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4 Dec 2012 12:00PM
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I went there 3 years ago and there were kiters on one side of Railay Beach.

Back then i didn't kite but I can remember seeing them. However because i did not kite I didn't really pay much attention to the conditions.

I assume you won;t be staying in actual Krabi but in Au Nang or Railay?

Most kiters are on the eastern beach of Railay.

Whilst there I'd recommend checking out Koh Phi Phi and go scuba diving..

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4 Dec 2012 1:07PM
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Haven't figured out the exact spots but I hear great things about Railay and was planning to spend a few days there (awesome beaches with some great rock climbing). Was thinking about ko phi phi but it sounds too busy from what I've heard. I'm big on the beta spots (bit quieter but still lively).

Thanks for the tips

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4 Dec 2012 1:31PM
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I stayed at Railay a few years ago,
from what i could tell, there were no kiters around (and i was definitely looking:). I went in October. It's a sheltered beach with headlands each side - light breezes you'd need a massive kite by my radar. The other side is swampy marsh not suitable.
Offshore it felt a big stronger. There's some nice, smaller islands nearby that held more wind, but you'd need boat support i'd say. do-able probably privately, but i personally wouldn't bother - glad i didn't bring gear in the end. Better option is someplace near Phuket i heard about, but didn't go there.
Railay's mainly rock climbing, scuba, and relaxing/drinking. go the yaya bar.

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5 Dec 2012 8:11AM
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Definitely no kiting in Krabi that Ive seen.

Only over at Phuket near the airport and down south.

I wouldnt bother taking gear.

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7 Dec 2012 7:54PM
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Hi there!

I've been to Krabi and kited at Rayley.... VERY light winds, long tail boats coming and going. Even with that I had a great time!


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