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Old kites

Created by pumpnjump 1 month ago, 1 Jan 2024
WA, 255 posts
1 Jan 2024 11:34AM
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Does anyone know of someone in Perth who recycles kites? I have 3 or 4 Best Cabo wave kites in very good to almost new condition, just valves coming unstuck, I hate to put them out for verge collection, just wondering if anyone local makes use of them for making things.

NSW, 141 posts
4 Jan 2024 6:39AM
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Maybe ask Adams kite repair,he may take them.
There was a lady making cloths out of kites online also.
It hard,i know but ive binned a few kite over the years.
Even tried giving them on seabreeze and they cover freight but no good

WA, 942 posts
7 Jan 2024 1:50PM
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Contact The kite Doctor in WA. His Mrs makes stuff out of them. Better than going into landfill



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