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RIP Neil Taylor

Created by Ozone Kites Aus > 9 months ago, 27 Jan 2023
Ozone Kites Aus
NSW, 884 posts
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27 Jan 2023 5:29PM
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Received some sad news last night about Neil, he passed away late Wednesday. Neil was one of the original kiters starting out with his own brand Hold the Line Kites in Elwood Vic and then later moving to Perth where many people got to know him and his friendly obliging nature and fantastic sewing skills.
For some reason I had been thinking about him recently and last Saturday decided to dig out my Bob Dawson small D-Wing and Neil's expertly sewn 45m long tube tail, its always an emotional exercise especially when I launch and the first few moments of flying. Neil also made some amazing stunt kites prior to getting into kitesurfing, the most memorable were the West Coast Angel
Neil's partner Terry continued to support Neil after his stroke even though they had separated some years prior. Terry informed me that Neil did not want a funeral or memorial. Terry said she will scatter his ashes in Bali in due course.

Here's a link to his bio from the magazine called Kitelife published in 1998

NSW, 1228 posts
27 Jan 2023 7:38PM
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What sad news
Neil was always such a nice guy to talk to
I was aware he had a rough time in the last few years
Rest in peace

WA, 7 posts
27 Jan 2023 10:40PM
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I remember taking my Naish AR3.5 2 line to Neil for repairs, he was brilliant and remember how the small (at the time) WA kiting community missed his store in Wembley when he closed it, Rest in Peace Neil.

WA, 890 posts
28 Jan 2023 9:21AM
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Very Sad news
Neil was a true gentleman
I bought my very first kite from Neil and really enjoyed dropping into his Wembley store for a chat
Rest in Peace Neil

WA, 399 posts
28 Jan 2023 6:57PM
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Sad to hear - guy was a legend and always was keen to help out.
Best wishes to the family.

WA, 119 posts
29 Jan 2023 2:04PM
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So saddened by this news.... but knowing how happy, positive and jubilant this man was means a smile will always come to my face every time I remember him.

Was there from the beginning and would always help expand your own possibilities in what this great lifestyle has.
RIP there old mate... Fly those litres up there hard and fast.
Scottee Rawson

WA, 18 posts
29 Jan 2023 5:27PM
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A great guy and a magician at repairing some of my kites.
RIP Neil.

WA, 1222 posts
30 Jan 2023 4:48AM
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It's Been years since I'd seen him - had heard about his stroke, very sad. Used to go into the shops heaps in the early 2000s having kites repaired while learning! He was always happy for a chat and such a nice guy! R .I .P Neil and condolences to his family.

WA, 527 posts
7 Feb 2023 7:41PM
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A truly nice bloke.
Always managed to do my repairs while I waited even though his shop was full of kites waiting to be fixed. And obviously always up for a chat.
Thanks Neil.
He'll be missed.

WA, 144 posts
13 Feb 2023 2:27PM
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An exceptionally pleasant and helpful individual. Could always rely on Neil to get my kite(s) sewn back together (and a friendly chat). Was talking about him just the other day with someone at Pelican Point. A lot of respect for him simply for who he was.

NSW, 163 posts
13 Feb 2023 7:40PM
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If ever a photo could show your living your best life this is it

Rest in peace and Fair winds

WA, 633 posts
23 Feb 2023 5:18PM
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Neil was a nice guy. RIP

WA, 236 posts
22 Mar 2023 12:53PM
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RayQ said..
Neil was a nice guy. RIP

Fixed my 20 meter Rino back when we all had 20's. He sure was a wizard on the sewing machine..

WA, 1501 posts
29 Mar 2023 1:13PM
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I never really knew him but he fixed my kite in Perth and he was a really nice guy and did a great job.

Really appreciate these early guys like Neil getting the Australian kite world up and running, it was a pretty wacky niche and overlooked sport even in early 2000s.

WA, 9352 posts
3 Apr 2023 12:35PM
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RIP Neil. Was always repairing my two line foil kites (death traps) back in the day. Last few years weren't kind on Neil, so he will be resting in peace now.

WA, 638 posts
19 Aug 2023 9:26PM
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I bought a quiver of stunt kites when i was a child. I still have them


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