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Sandy Bay Exmouth

Created by e0422713 2 months ago, 11 Sep 2021
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11 Sep 2021 10:12AM
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Can you post some photos of this spot?

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11 Sep 2021 10:43AM
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Great kite spot for sure!

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11 Sep 2021 11:57PM
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wow that kitebud website looks really good

sandy Bay itself as a kitespot is overrated.
we usually just head there for a lay day, sink a few tins and watch euro chicks in teeni tiny bikini bottoms launch their gloved, booty wearing, board leash using swallow chested boyfriends, who then do a bit of awkward back and forth before tangling up with a fellow euro and drifting the long way to the other side of the bay

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11 Sep 2021 10:00PM
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Yep what he said.

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18 Sep 2021 9:36PM
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Lots of respect for the place....(one of the most) safest place to learn something in my opinion. No rocks. Can still stand up mostly.. For kms.. . Glide across paradise when you drop it.. Learnt there in 2011..the travelling italian instr prob never uses this site but if u do.. Thanx mate! I taught u diving u taught me kiting no money was awesome
And it wasnt so congested..
Never go there again unless its that back reef..
If anyone has pix of the massive hammerhead 20metres from shore we all kited around in 2015..please post! That was amaaaazing!..


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"Sandy Bay Exmouth" started by e0422713