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Small kite for light kiter - is the duotone dice 5m a good fit

Created by mel04 22 days ago, 30 Jan 2024
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30 Jan 2024 10:59PM
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Hi all
I'm looking to replace my small kite, i'm also reasonably light (45 to 50kg).

I previously had a really old 5m fone bandit. Whilst i don't get out as often as i would like, the 5m was my go to - so i'm looking to replace it with another 5m.

I also have a 8m 2022 Duotone Dice SLS, which i have had a few fantastic lighter wind sessions on. I'm probably and intermediate rider, keen to learn some unhooked tricks and i tend to like fast kites i can play with and work, opposed to feeling on the edge of overpowered.

I'm thinking the logical replacement is the 5m Dice, but I had read somewhere (not sure where) that the dice is not as good in the small sizes.

The big questions seem to be ....

- The standard Dice vs the Dice SLS?

- 2023 vs 2022 model?

- a better small kite (the Neo or somthing completly different)?

Thanks in advance for any insights or tips

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31 Jan 2024 2:49AM
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Hi Mel

My first recommendation is to demo if you can ( might be hard in that size)
Most of the small kites are designed for 75kg riders in strong wind and most of the tests are done by people of that sort of mass in 35+ knot's, The flying experience might be quite different for someone of your mass in your intended wind range.

Stick with the dice they are a great kite
Don't bother with SLS in your high wind kite. You won't really notice the advantage of the lighter weight and you might be able to get a newer kite in standard construction for the same price

A 3 meter size difference in kites is quite large. I am similar to you. I like fast small kites and in WA At 80ish kilos I run a quiver of a 10 and a 8 that covers me from about 15 to 40 knots

If your in WA call in to Action Sports WA and speak to Darren or one of the girls there they will be able to give you a better idea of how the kites fly for someone of your size.

If you want to try something different to anything else on the market Try a Core Nexus my current favourite kite

Have fun with the process of buying a new kite

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1 Feb 2024 12:17AM
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Thanks Ian - that's some great info and tips. Thanks for taking the time to post ??


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