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Squall & overpowered What to do

Created by SaveTheWhales 3 months ago, 22 Apr 2019
WA, 1661 posts
22 Apr 2019 11:01AM
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Obviously not for Noobs - but good info to learn for future reference and for those experienced who dont quite understand what is happening with all that invisible stuff...

Always remember - if there are nasty things to hit on the shore line or landing area and the kite its virtually uncontrollable with Huge gusts. Use your Quick release and dump the kite in the water just before the shoreline - if you have to come in..

VIC, 359 posts
22 Apr 2019 4:07PM
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Always safer to have a plan B.

Antons videos are well produced and very informative.

Thanks STW.


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"Squall & overpowered What to do" started by SaveTheWhales