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VIDEO - small waves/big air - weekend kiting with Sabrina and Peter

Created by gm1 4 months ago, 9 Jan 2018
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9 Jan 2018 3:09PM
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As a windsurfer, I am constantly in awe with what you guys can do with a kite. There's no way I'd take myself to the height you guys go, so between my own windsurf sessions last weekend, I couldn't help but take some video of Sabrina and Peter who were getting insane height just downwind of me. A little editing, and mixed with a crazy tune by Mondo Cosmo, here's what i came up with, enjoy.

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9 Jan 2018 3:52PM
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Awesome guys and Gals! cheers to the pole dancer for a the share..

QLD, 665 posts
10 Jan 2018 5:41AM
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Sabrina wins!

Carn Pete....pull ya finger out


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"VIDEO - small waves/big air - weekend kiting with Sabrina and Peter" started by gm1