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Lost : Nobile 555 kitesurf board in Brighton, QLD

Created by jbinpanam > 9 months ago, 9 Sep 2014
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9 Sep 2014 8:19PM
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I very cleverly forgot my old Nobile 555 kiteboard on the bench of brighton beach last weekend (Saturday 6th Sept).
It has got a very dodgy fibre glass patch on top, grey colors on top and red below, it's over 6 years old but I love it.
Please tell me you found it!
0420 433 434
Thank you!

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9 Sep 2014 10:58PM
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Ask Steve or Jason at Briskites. Steve is usually the last one at the beach and looks after the stuff that is left behind. He reports it to Briskites and there you go!
I lost my board too that Saturday but out on the water and current was quicker than me body dragging through the chop.

Good luck!

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10 Sep 2014 12:54AM
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Hi there!
Aaah poor you, that sucks. I hope someone finds yours!
I asked Jason and he hasn't got anything. Haven't heard from Steve yet.

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10 Sep 2014 9:35AM
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Nothing yet on either account sorry.

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10 Sep 2014 12:42PM
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I found it


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"Lost : Nobile 555 kitesurf board in Brighton, QLD" started by jbinpanam