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Two new kitesurfing experiences

Created by Richoa > 9 months ago, 13 Jun 2017
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13 Jun 2017 10:55AM
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Over the week end I got to try out two new locations, these locations are near where I grew up surfing so was a bit of blast from the past for me in that respect as well.

I got out in the Entrance Channel, still inland water but is link between lake system and ocean so quite a tidal current can occur over shallow sand bars and deeper channels interconnecting, location seems to work with SE-ESE and is only quite a small area so could get overcrowded very easily but for a blast on my own, on my 17m Zephyr in about 12-15 knots was good flat water fun. The first session I had was consistent wind but unfortunately the second session (when I attached the camera) the wind dropped out real quick so one of those days I should of went home earlier. Ironically about 30mins after I packed up and drove 35mins to home it picked back up to about 15-20knots. such is the time of the year. Frustrating!

Next experience was out Toowoon Bay, which was my first ride in open ocean all be it still reasonably protected within the confines of the bay. I don't know to much about the strong points of wind here but looks like S-SE would be side-side onshore, NE might work as well (have to check that out?) Again quite smallish area with optimal run being from the beach straight out to the point just out of bay confine, which can get a conventional surfable wave when the planets are all aligned. From a kitesurf perspective there is always a bit of a break.
Riding on my 12m and coming over a gentle 2-3ft swell for my first time was a new experience and my kite flying and speed control was pretty poor! I think I was pinching to tight to breeze as coming up the swell. Only got a few runs in as late in evening so need to work on it with some time on water. But time was short and there was drama! It was a tad gusty and as I
came off top of one swell got overpowered and off balance, resulting in a drag crash taking me maybe 10meters from my board. MMM here I am in deep water for first time having to do a real body drag to get my board. I was moving downwind towards northern side rocks faster than I could stall for board to come to me. Tried a couple of body drags and wasn't making ground, actually lost more. At this point I was starting to get too close to rocks so thought about should I just body drag in now and forget my board. I sort of set out to do this ie forget board and all of a sudden I started really digging in and could feel myself driving upwind so I went with it powering on the kite. Stopped and re thought about board and now I had dragged up so far I just had to drag down wind to it. So although quite annoying loss of time I really felt quite good for accomplishing that and gives me confidence to get back out there next time conditions are right!
Hope some of you enjoy my stories as I do sharing, I would be happy to read others experiences if you would be kind enough to share.

Light wind vid at the Entrance channel, it dropped very fast and apologies didn't edit the horizon aspect, will do next time if I don't cop to much flack over this vid!

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17 Jun 2017 7:36AM
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That's some nice flat water!


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