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Don't jump in shallow water

Created by SweatyRoo Friday, 14 Sep 2018
QLD, 1 posts
Friday , 14 Sep 2018 4:18PM
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It may seem like common sense, but when you've had a great deeper water session and are on your way back to the beach, its not a great idea to do one last jump in shallow water.

As a warning to anyone starting to learn jumps, stick to the deeper water so that if anything goes wrong (like it did for me) you aren't going to land feet fist in six inches of water and end up breaking your ankle. I've spent the last 4 months on crutches following surgery to pin some of the bones back together.

Needless to say, I am glad this happened over the winter, and the surgeon says I am now just a few weeks away from being ready to go back out there. Just in time for the winds and warmer weather.

WA, 31 posts
Friday , 14 Sep 2018 2:28PM
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Sorry to hear of your mishap. Thanks for the timely warning to fellow kiters and speedy recovery to you.

NSW, 248 posts
Saturday , 15 Sep 2018 4:41PM
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Get your technique right and you can do 0 G landings.
Butter smooth.

Land boarders do it with no water.

WA, 75 posts
Monday , 17 Sep 2018 9:01PM
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Unfortunately a lot of the time the best flat water is shallow. Risk vs return.
I agree please learn to jump in deeper water first.
Hint: If you stuff up land on your head... no broken ankles


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"Don't jump in shallow water" started by SweatyRoo