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2009 North Rebel 14m

Created by JB > 9 months ago, 18 Aug 2008
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18 Aug 2008 9:19AM
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Got to finally have a fly on the 2009 REBEL 14m yesterday. Ken has definiteyl done an amazing job on the REBEL this year.

Conditions: 10 knots @ Caloundra River with about 4 knots of tide assistance.

First impressions: Kite is a lot more "C" shaped than last years, even more than the 2009 12m REBEL.

Inflation in awesome now with Lazy pump.


Power was awesome, this kite is so powerful for a 14m, but it turns like a 12m! I have never seen a 14m turn so fast and so pivital. Both the 12m and 14m have a very unique turning property that I have not seen on any other kite, I think this is the biggest feature of the 09 REBEL. It is so easy to get power out of the kite because it turns so tight & cleanly.

Jumping was great, more hang than I was expecting, hard to really tell in such light conditions though.

I hope some of the crew that demo'd it yesterday get on here and tell of their experiences.

This kite has really impressed me. I didn't get to try relaunch on the 14m, but the 12m is super fast and easy. The kite doesn't want to stay down.

All up I would say on both kites that they fly a little bigger than what you would expect. So if your normally at the top end on your 12m, you should go for an 11m, and I think some 14m guys are going to comfortable on 12m's this year.

Great work North (again!)



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