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2014 Slingshot Fuel 9 metre

Created by youngmate > 9 months ago, 28 Dec 2013
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28 Dec 2013 12:48PM
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Just got my new 2014 fuel. This is my first Fuel, I have being riding RPM for 2 years, this years Fuel was easy to swap to after riding the RPM. I thought it gave heaps of slack line when going for handle passes, the kite drifted quite well for a C kite, I felt like I knew where the kite was at all time. For me the fuel boost big and has lots of hang time and loved to loop.

Build quality has gotten better this year, need release is easier to push and they have improved the depower making it easy to use. Looks like they have improved the strength in the canopy and split strut technology.

Is anyone riding the new fuel too? What did you guys think?

VIC, 614 posts
28 Dec 2013 4:19PM
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weird, everyone has been saying the fuel was out of production...

NSW, 96 posts
28 Dec 2013 4:44PM
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Nice looking kite youngmate, I'm looking at grabbing some 2014 slingshot gear . Thanks for the post

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8 Jan 2014 2:04AM
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Dear friends.i am new in the sport being trying to buy a slingshot fuel 2014 9 m too.i m from cyprus and we dont have a retailer here.been searching the net months now and iys really expensive any help much appriciated.thanks


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