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2018 North WAM 6.0

Created by dazza5172 24 days ago, 27 Sep 2017
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27 Sep 2017 9:18PM
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So a quick run down on my new WAM 6.0
Its standard bamboo vacuum (there is a pro level construction but I went standard)

Its been a few years since I bought a board, and it was about time.

this year I decided to go larger board (6.0 28 litres) which is larger than recommended for my body weight, however the plan was to go larger board and smaller kite yet again (my largest kite now an 8m Neo) in order to get more of a surfing feel.

I was ready to compromise on the extra float, but as I found out it was not an issue:

So the board has a new shape - a beveled edge along the deck rails and a concave deck - this was for grabbing and tricks but I found that it gave the board a lower to the water feel on the rails and the concave gives more grip. all in all this seems to make the rails bite better and removes any corky feel that a higher volume rail would give.
The board has more width forward and in the square tail. The more forward width provides a smoother ride when normally you might dig into chop when under powered, the board seemed to recover easier when normally you might go over the handle bars. The wider tail adds to the early planing but still seems to allow for carving and bite and a nice hit off the top of the wave.

the surprising thing was the board was not corky at all and for me felt like I could easily ride it in higher winds and still feel under control and able to dig the rails in.

At 28 Litres it allows for paddle surfing as well which I can't wait to test out.

This is quite simply the best board I have ridden to date, and has rejuvenated my love for wave riding

Rider: 74kg Kite: 8m Neo Wind 14 - 20 knots (but up and down) waves mixed days 2-3 ft and day 2: 3-4 foot full onshore and marginal wind.
Disclosure: I ride for FSR Industries our local distributor of North who I ride for under a mates rate. If you want to know more see my profile. I have ridden North for 10 years now.


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