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2020 Duotone Neo Video

Created by SurfFX A week ago, 7 Nov 2019
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7 Nov 2019 2:22PM
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Check out the best selling kite in the world, The 2020 Duotone Neo

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8 Nov 2019 7:29AM
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Have tried a few kites.
mainly wave to allround type kites.
Now using a mix of Neos and Evo's.2020 neo's& 2019 Evo's.
Am very impressed with both kites .Deffinately the 2020 Neo's tick all the boxes as a wave kite.But could be used as an all rounder.Speed,drift.
Very happy so far.
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8 Nov 2019 7:42AM
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Good looking kite. Nice fun wave too! Anybody know where that is?

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8 Nov 2019 7:46AM
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I love my Neos. Love how powerful they are and how they can almost completely depower when you sheet out.

I have a combination of 2019 and 2020 models and tbh aside from the obvious visual differences dont feel they perform any different. I cant tell what the 'flex panels' are. This is the kite i would recommend to anyone looking to get into kiting due to ease of use and versatility.


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