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2020 Konrad FLYR Foil (1296cm) Review

Created by eppo Tuesday, 3 Dec 2019
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Tuesday , 3 Dec 2019 9:11AM
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My son and I (plus Jason from WA surf) had a foil session at the pond yesterday afternoon to check out the Konrad Sup/surf foil, with the smaller of the two surf/sup wings in 10-14 knots.

My son has been foiling (kiting and proning) on my 680 axis wing only since the last school holidays in Exmouth and my chief concern was whether or not he could hold this larger wing whilst kiting.

We watched a young shredder in Exmouth pumping this wing all over the Wobiri bay, so we knew it could pump well enough (and will be excellent for proning) but can it also serve as a freeride kite wing? That is, can his small 38kg frame hold this size wing down on a kite.

On first inspection it seems like this wing kind of sits between the axis 680 and 750 wing in terms of area (without getting too technical on projected area and volume which I know sweet FA about to be honest). It looks a lot thicker in the chord than the 680, and probably even the 750. So, both Jason and I were a little concerned the lift generated would be too much for the little squirt.

But we were all pleasantly surprised!

Only on a 60cm mast, Antman rarely, if at all, ventilated (we paired it with his 4 foot Konrad prone board). In-fact he really liked it and said he felt as though he could keep it down as easy, even easier than the 680. He said it felt really balanced, smooth and predictable. Well not really, he just said "it's good dad, I like it". Unlike me he doesn't dribble sh1t often, boy of few words.

I had a crack on it myself and his observations were spot on. I don't think I held it down any easier than the 680 but it was far easier than holding down the 750, especially in the gybes. In-fact I never got along with the 750 on a kite, although that is not its design objective anyway. It also didn't track too hard, and was quite loose and agile, no less than the 680 to be honest (which is my all time fav wing).

So Jason eventually had a crack (all three of us on the same board, with the mast at the same place by the way) and he too agreed with Antman's observations. He too was pleasantly surprised at how balanced and smooth it was. Of course, totally pedestrian for him compared to his normal fancy pants Armstrong carbon small wing thingy, doing his fancy pants moves, but he commented on how easy it would be for someone to learn their basic moves on it with the glide and time you have. We both observed how well this foil pumps to.

Perfect for freeride foiling and good cross over for proning and I suppose Supping with the bigger wing.

So for an average flogger like me who just wants to play around free foiling then use the same setup for proning/supping I reckon this foil is worth checking out; especially considering its really competitive price point.

Not putting my son in the flogger category though, because in 2 months he is already doing stuff I cannot do, the little prick :(

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Wednesday , 4 Dec 2019 10:22AM
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Great review Eppster !!

I was really impressed with the set up, probably the nicest kit i have seen and ridden for the money, designed in Oz by James Grundy which is a bonus.

Patrick is ripping on this set up for prone and kite and i'm sure Antman will be hot on his tail even Patrick's dad "THE REAL LARRY FOILER" has changed from his Go Foil set up too the Konrad Flyr for sup and wing foiling as they handle so well.

Perfect option for someone looking for a quality kite/surf/sup and wing foil kit.

West Oz Kite
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Wednesday , 4 Dec 2019 10:29AM
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Been a lot of crew lately trying to find boards that they can kite/tow/surf and possibly wing on which will need the strap option and i feel these are 2 of the best options out there.

Armstrong Surf/Kite/Tow Board
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Wednesday , 4 Dec 2019 5:58PM
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I have a Konrad Flyer too which is my first foil...
I bought this mid aspect type for small waves early plaining and flat water fun.
Not interested in speed.
I've only got around 30 minutes foiling experience and with 5 yrs kiting under my belt...I got up basically straight away and can maintain pitch control.

Super easy to learn on with 60cm mast and gives a feel of confidence ... nice quality well built with carbon fibre wings which are Anhedral and dihedral that gives the best flying characteristics.
@ $650 brand new who can complain. I got a run out price.


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