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Blankforce Mk5 vs Slingshot Boards Vision/Asylum

Created by prastis > 9 months ago, 22 Jul 2015
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22 Jul 2015 1:28AM
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Hello all,

At the moment I got a crazyfly raptor pro 2013 which I really dislike the stiffness and flat rocker (i ride in chop mostly) although it helped me on my progression and I am considering to change board. I am at a stage where I upwind and I am trying to get my first jumps and toeside riding.

After a long long research for a certain period of time where I have researched many many brands I decided I will go for the brands that are accessible near my house and for which I could get a good deal by trading in my current board.

The first option is the MK5 Blankforce which looks very nice however what worries is me that this board is carbon as well but the shop owner who I know and I can trust up to a point, told me its not as stiff as my current one. I didnt manage to find unbiased reviews on this one over the internet. It comes with 3.5cm fins but I can get the 5cm ones if I want but again the guy suggested the 3.5cm would be nicer after getting used to them, but again this is a matter of preference I guess.

Price for this is my current board which has been valued at 250euro + 340 euro cash for complete board with pads and straps. I think its a good deal considering the prices of the mk5 over the internet.

The second option I am considering is either the SS Vision or Asylum 2015 or 2016 models. 2016 models look sick in graphics (vision still waiting for it), but the reason I am considering them is because they are not carbon and this might be better for flex. Since I am not experienced my current board the crazy fly has left me a bad impression of carbon boards although everyone praises them, concerning their comfort. I am not sure what kind of bargain I would get for the SS, I presume my board + 400/450 euros or so.

Any opinions thoughts on the mk5 and if anyone has ridden it would be nice to have an unbiased review.

Thank you


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"Blankforce Mk5 vs Slingshot Boards Vision/Asylum" started by prastis