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Cabrinha 2013 Drifter 9m

Created by dionevans > 9 months ago, 9 Aug 2012
VIC, 3 posts
9 Aug 2012 10:19PM
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I have been lucky enough to have been able to try the new 2013 range from Cabrinha, and boy is it goooooood.

What i really love about the Cabrinha product is its ease of use and the thought they put in to every little detail. Cabrinha is most certainly the Super Car of the kiting world.

The new bar is like nothing else available and is by far the best bar on the market. The new colour really makes it standout from the pack and offers the cleanest below bar configuration available in todays market. New depower toggles enable you to effortlessly tune the kite on the fly without the need to rap it around your hand to do so. The valve system has also had an upgrade by combining the pump connection straight to the valve eliminating the need to have it dangle from the leading edge. They have also added a a cover to protect the valve from heavy impacts and to protect the canopy from the valve.

The drifter offers great slack line flying for all you wave rippers out there while still having enough power to be able to get you out of the tight spots. The bar pressure is light but still retains enough feel to know exactly wear the kite is at all times. The drifter is able to turn on a dime but does so without trying to remove your arms from the sockets, which makes it great for the surf. With the drifter being a wave riding weapon, it is still great to get out on on the flat water and pop some big boosts .

I can't recommend this kite highly enough to anyone wanting to get out in the waves and I give the setup a 10/10.

Check out the SHQ website for this weekends demo day and try it out for yourself.

Happy kiting

WA, 7039 posts
9 Aug 2012 10:31PM
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The super car of the kiting world. Giggle giggle giggle , but glad ya stoked, the drifter is a decent kite.

WA, 1094 posts
10 Aug 2012 6:33AM
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Flown any other sizes in the Drifter? I heard others comment last season that the 9 Drifter was a machine but in other sizes they were pigs!

WA, 140 posts
10 Aug 2012 11:11AM
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eppo said...

The super car of the kiting world.

That's why people with too much money and no idea buy them...

Sorry couldn't help myself. I am interested in the Chaos this year.

WA, 7039 posts
10 Aug 2012 1:17PM
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ah steady on... I have actually ridden the drifter (2012) and the switchblade they are a decent kite for their intended purpose. But to call them them the super car of kiting...that's just hilarious.

WA, 4472 posts
22 Aug 2012 8:52AM
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I always think it is nice (and honest) to declare in your review if you have a financial interest in the reviewed gear (ie you distribute/flog them in a shop).

That way you don't seem like a falsley frothing pimp biatch. Hello BWS - listening to that?

Also a few details of your kgs, wind strength reviewd in etc etc.

BTW - what is a dime, are you saying it turns on a little IKEA choccy?

We have 5c pieces here in Oz (for the moment) but I can't imagine a 9m kite fitting on a tiny 5c piece let alone turning. I'm confused.

No mention of any trees.. perhaps with the kgs/wind etc that was left out.


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