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Customer review of his Jimmy Lewis Kwad

Created by Jimmy Lewis Boards 2 months ago, 4 Dec 2018
4 Dec 2018 1:18PM
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Hey Jimmy,
Sorry for slow response..missed seeing your email. i'm not a big guy 5'-7" 155lbs so I prefer a narrower stance. after trying different strap setups,im running both front and the back straps at the furthest back position with approx. 25" wide stance. I like the softer fone footstraps which I run slightly offset for surfing stance. had a 7m wavy coast run Sunday here on east coast oz from sunshine beach to Coolum approx. 15m/2.5hrs and now that im dialed on the quad it was frickin amazing absolutely cranking turns with no hint of spin out. there seems to be no limit on how tight a turn the board can handle. and super controllable in the air on big floater jumps. yes I love it. ill either bring the quad when im back on maui in jan visiting my buddy ian horswill who lives on stable rd/sprecks, or buy another quad to keep at ians place where I kite multiple times a yr.
cheers Jimmy. nice work on the shape of the quad.


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