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Duotone Daytona 105 Carbon Race Foil

Created by ActionSportsWA Wednesday, 4 Dec 2019
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Wednesday , 4 Dec 2019 3:59PM
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Hi aspiring Fast Foilers,

Disclaimer: I am a retailer, and foil racer. I sell these foils and race them. I'm 51 y.o and weigh 93kg and currently fly Flysurfer VMG Race kites and Flysurfer Soul kites. I have tested this foil on VMG's, Souls and also the new Duotone Capa. These are my opinions after extensive testing. I friggen love it!

I have been lucky enough to get my hands on an early production model Daytona and have been tuning and trialing the foil for the last few weeks. As a race foil, this isn't targetted at Pro race foilers, spoiler! The Mikes Lab is faster if you are Pro, but not by much! For anyone other than top 20 international racers, this foil is going to make you faster and way more competitive once you get used to it.

The Daytona is a 2 piece foil (Mast and Glider). Full carbon construction with a pedestal mount system which is great for fine tuning on a variety of boards. The mast is 105cm.

The Daytona is all about speed and stability. If you can foil comfortably on a 90cm mast, you can ride this foil. It's incredibly forgiving in low stall speeds at high angles of attack, as well as high speeds and high loads. I encountered NO ventilation, kicking or any other untoward behaviour whilst testing this foil, it's actually a bit freaky that it holds it's lock in the water even flat out upwind under extreme load.

To get the most out of it, you need to do a full sand of the factory finish up to 1200 grit wet n dry. This will unlock it's higher speeds. The stability and pitch control are so easy that sustained speeds of 29-30 knots are actually easy. Even tip breaches are a non event, it simply doesn't cavitate.

A most forgiving foil able to go as fast as you are brave enough to push. My best to date in less than stellar conditions is 32.5 knots in just 15 knots of wind.

The best bit is it's comparatively cheap at $3,599 AUD including custom covers compared to $4,500+ for competitive foils. It's time to increase your top speed


If you want a more comprehensive review, I have a more detailed review on our blog here:

Solid set of covers

Daytona 105

Coupled to the Duotone Indy

First 800 grit sand

Removable decals


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