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Forward Wip flying mask 2.0

Created by dachopper 3 months ago, 16 Nov 2023
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16 Nov 2023 9:19PM
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tested out the forward wip flying mask 2.0 today.

Background for me is I generally hate kitesurf sunglasses as they end up with water on the inside or stuck on the outside, the glasses fogging or falling off, and for the polarized versions loose depth perception on the ocean.

Not so with the flying mask.

No fogging, no water in the eyes, very comfortable, and I never had to wipe the outside of the goggles at all in salt water, so the hydrophobic coating must be doing it's thing. I also had good depth perception ( I don't think these were polarized ).

I did get the clear visor also however the blue tint was working so well there was no need for me to change over.

Nice product, and goes well with the WIP helmet with the strap on the back to hold the goggle lanyard. That helmet is also very light weight and extremely comfortable for me.


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"Forward Wip flying mask 2.0" started by dachopper