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GK Trix 12m . Does anyone ride this kite?

Created by haluchine > 9 months ago, 12 Apr 2012
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12 Apr 2012 5:23PM
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GK Trix 2008 12m

Rider: 72K Intermediate
Style: Surf and Free Ride on surfboard
Weather: 15-22 knots
Build Quality: 10/10
Satisfaction: 7/10

The Trix is very strongly built and smooth and overall a very fun kite but it is quite heavy, which means the kite drops and flip over in lulls. I stopped riding mine and switched to lighter kites but I was wondering how good are the new ones. I know that they are really good in steady wind, but in those gusty light winds with lulls like wholes it is another story, the kite does not "float" wondering if anybody is using a 2010 or newer version of the GK Trix.

NSW, 4699 posts
12 Apr 2012 7:51PM
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get a monkey griffin TRX14m,,,,it turns like a 9m.

WA, 2851 posts
12 Apr 2012 6:04PM
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lotofwind said...

get a monkey griffin TRX14m,,,,it turns like a 9m.

no it turns better than a 9m . Don't you read the reviews

NSW, 4699 posts
12 Apr 2012 8:43PM
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My mistake.
and the 9m turns like a trainer kite?That was in there somewhere.

WA, 16 posts
21 Apr 2012 9:55PM
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Hey lotowind, SWITCH (team?) rider...

You do know that a GK TRIX is not a Griffin kite right?
Different brand, Someone with 3000+ posts should know that.

It looks like you and your mate is hijacking and posting info that has nothing to do with the forum topic? You are a SWITCH (team?) rider, whats with posting in a GK TRIX 2008 topic? Have you tried a GK trix kite?


lotofwind - Posted 11/12/2011, 6:49 pm
I have a 10m nitro. Well built kite,heaps of grunt.Great kite for jumping with good hang time.
Im looking to get a 9m method for the waves
Can afford to get a full quiver compared to most other brands.
Ive had the nitro for a couple of months and cant really fault it.

lotofwind - Posted 04/01/2012, 3:38 pm
Had the 9m method out in cross/offshore waves today,about 20knots.
Fun kite to fly, drifts well down the line, and what suprised me is that it boosts quiet well for a 3 strut wave kite.
Thinking of getting a 7m now, for the stronger wind days.
Cant fault the build quality.
Happy camper.

lotofwind - Posted 20/12/2011, 6:16 pm
If your after a grunty kite with heaps of lift, go the nito.
But if your more after something for wave riding, the method is what your after.
You can wave ride on the nitro, but its not a good down the line drift kite like the method.but hey,,for the price,you could buy both and still save some bucks for chrissy beers

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22 Apr 2012 9:13PM
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So Basically nobody tried a recent GK Trix?

QLD, 184 posts
4 May 2012 7:27PM
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Hey Ive been riding GK for many years and selling them in my shop ( i also sell Ozone, Slingshot, F-One, Core, and FLexifoil). Im a very experienced rider (2nd in wave nationals Warnambool 2011 - Im not sponsored by any brand - id rather remain independant and chose what i like to ride - Ive been riding the 2012 Trix alot lately and I find it really good - its has a huge usable wind range- I mean even when its very depowered (either on the strap or on the bar) you can still have good tension on the back lines for turning and control so you can ride it quite overpowered comfortably - Its naturally got a good bottom end so this is a bit of a rare combination in a kite - to have a god top and bottom end.

Built strong and still on the heavy side so not so great when extremely underpowered. But this gives them lots of life.

Bladders and valves have been an issue in the past but the 2012 is good and hte company and factory have been good in warrantying even quite old claims.

Its not a floaty kite - in GK you want the Sonic for float - higher aspect kites float better (generally). The Trix is the freeride kite. Very good in waves despite its weight. it drifts back very well, can be forgotten and still recovered from the extreme edge zone, nice quick tight turns, big wind range and very good upwind ability for a full profile mid aspect kite.

Its a good freestyle , wakestyle kite too - being fuller profile and mid aspect, very adjustable you can have it sitting comfortably back in the window for steady grunt and slow down the turns

People have complained to me about the bar pressure being very high. Its true - it does have high bar pressure compared to many kites.

The bar is excellent now- much much better than the 2008 which was pretty crap. Full of features and well thought out, very usable.

I hope this answers your questions - give us a call or PM if you want to discuss more

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5 May 2012 7:32PM
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Thanks a lot for the input about the GK kites. I don't really understand why this brand did not bloom. I just like the idea of no hype but real thing only. Gonna got one...


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