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Kite review Best TS 10 2017

Created by markryall 5 months ago, 11 Sep 2017
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11 Sep 2017 5:56PM
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Looking for advice to upgrade to a 2nd hand 2017 Best TS 10 kite (low hours) for mostly flat water and some surf (Gold Coast). Have cabrinha's and ozone kites at the moment and wanted some knowledge on the performance of the kite. It is a good brand

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11 Sep 2017 10:26PM
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The TS is a good kite, it's powerful and versatile for both TT and Surf. A friend of mine used to ride for Best and compete in the surf with the TS, seemed to work quite well for him. I also rode it many times in various sizes, was happy with the performance.

The kites did have some issues with valves so you'd want to check those carefully, there also were recalls about faulty CL quick release (hard to release) and also another issue with the safety line not sliding properly through the bar. I've had some scary moments with those faulty safety systems, so I cannot recommend the bar safety wise.

Also you may be interested to know that Best doesn't exist anymore.

A lot of pages to read about this, but the short version is that the owner/investor is behind bars and there is now a new brand which was recently launched by a few previous Best employees. This new brand is called Eleveight Kites. As you can see their kites look a lot like the Best...

I wouldn't expect any support or warranty (even if you were willing to pay for it) in case you have any issue with a Best kite.


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19 Sep 2017 11:19PM
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I'm riding the 2017 TS in 9 and 12. Best as such still exists but they went to a pure online model now so not sure if or how long they can keep that up.
The TS is a great kite for freeride/freestyle. It's super stable and predictable with good low end and decent slack. It's quite slow though so if you are planning to go more towards surf it's maybe not the best kite for you.
The safety is not an issue anymore, since 2016 Best uses the North safety which is as good as it gets. Only problem with the bar is that the grip is this super hard suede material so prepare yourself for some blisters after long sessions. Only 2014/15 had valve problems so don't ever buy a Best kite from those years, all newer years are fine.

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21 Sep 2017 7:19PM
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I just got a near new but broken and in pieces best bar today. ( cheapy off Gumtree) I really just bought it for the lines and bar and I will use those to modify into a custom setup.

It came with this cl/ QR assembly, this could work in the custom bar I am thinking of making but I don't really like the look of it, the release mechanism is kinda funky and it does feel quite difficult to release. After reading the words from cbulota I am very suspect on it.

What do you reckon too dodgy??

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22 Sep 2017 10:05AM
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Ive had a few TSs over the years. Use them as an allrounder including in the waves

Currently have a 9 and 12 2016. Never had an issue with the QRs personally. Yes some of the 2014 / 15 valves used bad glue that melted in extreme heat (car boots) but if they have been replaced then no dramas. Certainly no need to avoid them - just be aware of the issue. I bought a 2nd hand 2014 and reglued the valves and never had a problem after that for 2 seasons.

Pity the biatch who sold it to me off here never fessed up to the problem but thats another story...

warranty replacement has been good till now with a full replacement kite provided for the dodgy glue issue on my 2015 kite. Guess thats now a wait and see if buying new

Personally i reckon the 2015 model was superior to the 2016 - faster turning and more hang time. Not sure where the 17 fits but its a lesson that later year kites are not always better. Sometimes when your on a good thing stick to it but sales departments require tweaks for new sales so there ya go

Re the mixed use I recon they are a good option. Excellent freeride kite with biiig boosts and hangtime but still enough drift to get by in the surf especially the goldy. Very good getting upwind vs most pure wave kites. More suited to an active style of flying in the waves but if your crossing over thats probably the way you will go anyway.

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9 Jan 2018 10:38AM
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I have 2016 TSs which I haven't used much, but already starting to see a lot of creasing in the canopy material, especially towards the trailing edge area. I realize that this has occurred from the kites flapping in the wind on the beach, but I don't leave them lying around for long!
Have also noticed that other kites which have had much more use and left on the beach much longer don't have the same creasing that I'm seeing in the TS canopy.
The trailing edge is reinforced (I think) to increase rigidity when flying, but I wonder if this 'detail' also puts more stress on the canopy when its on the beach and flapping. Yes I know - don't leave it pumped on the beach at all...

Also seems like the canopy material is very fine compared to some others that I've looked at, which maybe good for performance but not so good for durability.


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