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Naish Boxer 10m 19/20

Created by riddim1 2 months ago, 22 Dec 2019
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22 Dec 2019 9:24PM
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I couldn't find any reviews on the latest Naish Boxer in a wave riding scenario so thought I'd post my own.

I'm 88kgs. Been kiting since 2004 and have been on Naish for 10 years. Love riding waves on a directional but find myself on a foil more and more due to a general lack of decent waves in my area

I purchased a 19/20 10m Boxer recently as a light wind kite to foil with. Have only had it out a couple of times as the wind has been consistently over 20 knots at my local. Spent the last few days at a wave spot with clear cross-shore conditions. The wind was around 16 knots gusting to 22. I would normally ride waves with my 7m Slash but the sweep was taking some speed out of the wind so opted for the new 10m Boxer.

Felt the kite performed really well through the wind range. Have heard it has a narrow wind range and tops out early however I didn't get this impression riding a directional. I didn't have to dial-in any de-power during the gusts. Edging the board worked well enough. The power of the kite is very 'on-off' which worked well when stalling for the swell and waiting out the back for a set wave. What surprised me most was it's drifting abilities. Thought I'd struggle to drift it due to the one strut however I felt the high inflation pressure (11psi) and the diagonal seam in the canopy worked well together to keep the kite stable. I could get at least 3 turns in on the right waves with the kite overhead drifting with me. Was riding with another guy on a 10m Neo, the Boxer would angle up-wind better from my observations.

I felt the kite turned slow for the conditions. My biggest kites for the last 8 years have been 9m 3-strut wave kites and would have influenced my experience. I needed to pull the steering line directly when down looping to keep the kite in front of the wave. This worked well though and didn't affect my session. I just really like fast turning kites in the waves.

Always keen to hear others experiences as well.

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3 Jan 2020 12:14AM
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Hi mate,thanks for the review,
I had some experience with17-18 Boxer 8-10m single strut.Mainly asyouinwaves with surfboard or nomad.
Deffinately our drift most 3 strut waves kites.Same upwind ,turning has some flutter,Better than the Naish Trip strutless.
Latest Single strut kites I have are
2018 Airush Ultra from 8m-17m maimed used foiling and wave riding.
Similar excellent drift down the line ,quick turning ,again some flutter in turns.
Ultra has more cross bracing of the canopy relating to a slightly less flutter canopy.
Park and ride light wind foiling kites.
Tried the Ultra V3 17m in 7-10-12 kts on LW nomad couldn't get my 103 kts going.
need just a touch more wind.Turned well for a 17m.
Would have definitely worked on a foil.
Up next the 2018 North mono 12m have a 7m also so will be interesting back to back with the Naish Trip 8-10m ,Ultras and Monos.
Sure they are a no fuss foil kites.
They just don't back stall for wave drift.
Overall very light weight kites.
Really impressed.

QLD, 121 posts
5 Jan 2020 2:14PM
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Thanks LM. My prediction is that with improving canopy materials, kites with single struts will become a standard freeride option in future.

The Boxer has a flutter at certain positions in the window but have only noticed it on a foil as it points further up-wind. No noticeable affect to performance though.

I've heard good things about the Alpha and the Ultra as well. Don't think you could go wrong with the main brand options. I'm thinking about a 4/5m option now for high wind foiling.

NSW, 339 posts
17 Jan 2020 11:05PM
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Hi Riddim
Did get a 2019 Switch Element 5m in a single strut.
will let you know.

QLD, 46 posts
29 Jan 2020 1:22PM
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Can't be that bad.


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