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RRD Religion 7m - words n Pics

Created by poor relative > 9 months ago, 3 Mar 2010
poor relative
WA, 8944 posts
3 Mar 2010 8:58PM
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Rider: 88Kgs intermediate
Style: Surf with strapped surfboard
Weather: 18-25kn
Build Quality: 10/10
Satisfaction: 8/10

Today i had the chance to fly the new RRD Religion kite. Its marketed as a pure waveriding kite, nothing more nothing less and to be honest that is exactly what its is.

I've never really felt excited about RRd kites in the past, not sure why that is but just not been interestd. I did in the beginning fly a 2 line convert to 4 line type kite and have tried the Obsession and the Type 9 but never really got on with them

Well it is so well made, not over manufactured but very very well made. All the black you can see on these pictures is the crinkly material used to re-inforce other kites where the back lines attatch. Everything is super stitched then reinforced. you'd think that this would make the kite overly heavy but it doesn't at all. The canopy is rounded then comes into these very straight swept back tips that are parallel to the struts. Its a three strut kite, super low aspect. Heres some pics

everything re-inforced

Its a one pump with the usual clips that velcro to the strut nicely out of the way

There are a couple of settings that change the speed of the turning

and another setting to change the bridle for onshore wave riding.

The bar is neat and simple with a mini 5th line running to the centre lines with a below the bar attatchment for your leash or you can clip to suicide on the chicken loop.
Everything appears well made and robust.
Trimming is a usual Clam cleat which is pretty standard. Though the mini 5th can get caught in the cleat.

Most kites have a stopper ball the Religion is no different with a stopper thingo that slides up and down

Chicken loop is covered by a nice neoprene thingo

and underneath all solid steel

and it all packs down into a plastic sort of bag that struggles to accommodate the kite. There is also a pocket for the bar

So there we have it a very well made big ass low aspect ratio kite with a mini 5th simple bar and wierd lines - they feel different to normal like very waxy normal lines. Very well made and strong looking. Reminds me of a little nugget

So to fly....
Well i went south to a lesser known beachie - no photos from here cause i was on my own.
Wind was around 18-23 maybe 25 towards the end and waves around shoulder high plus. Some stonking sets came through. i had the 7m and the size suited the conditions reasonably well.

After self launching and getting it in the air the first thing you notice is that this kite is responsive. The littlest of touches on the bar and the kite listens/responds instantly. Perfect for one hand kiting.
It is also fast. In fact the fastest turning kite i have ever ever seen or flown. It is like a rocket. Which for me is awesome for DTL wave riding. I'm used to small kites - i normally ride a 7 Ozone Edge 80% of the time so i guess i'm dialled into the small kite twitch thing.
Wherever you want this kite quick pull on the bar and its there. Despite the pulleys (2 on either bridle) the feedback from the kite is great and you can feel exactly where it is.
Bar pressure is light - not super light like the Edge but still light
The canopy is super stable, even at full bar depower and throwing the kite around there is no canopy flutter whatsoever. The kite is rock solid stable.
Trucking upwind with the surfboard was easy and the ability to shut the power off helped even more.
The kite drifts well when the lines go slack it holds its position and gently drifts back til the slack is taken up. Also riding towards the kite does not present as any kind of problem again drifting on que.
The turning circle is tiny and looping it creates a sudden surge of power in a tiny space.
No backstall at all at any point
Never got to try the relaunch as i never dropped it but i can't see that there would be any dramas
You can boost it if you want but if your looking for a boosting kite this aint it
The only thing that let this kite down for me was a distinct lack of grunt. It just lacked that feeling of raw unbridled power that i love so much from my edges.

So i suppose in conclusion the Religion is a pure wave kite. If you want an all rounder or a freeride kite then this is certainly not the kite for you however if your in the market for a pure wave riding machine then the religion is well worth consideration.
Very well made with simple bridle and a plug n play approach make this kite a winner.
The only thing that disappointed me was a distinct lack of 'grunt' that edgy raw power.

Thanks Very Much to John at SOS Fremantle (08) 9430 7050 for trusting me with his 7 and should anyone be keen for a demo i recommend having a chat with John.

I am not affiliated to any kite brand, shop or seller. I buy all of my own kites and boards with my own money

SA, 1390 posts
3 Mar 2010 11:54PM
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Pimping review PR... Im glad you included names and numbers for the people you are pimping fore. They should get better sales that way.

On the other hand this is about the most efort i have ever seen you put in to a post (nothing in it for you? I'm not to sure about that). Keep up the usefull info but try to keep the pimping to a minimum.

Maby disclosure should be - team rider for SOS freemantle. Me thinks!

WA, 995 posts
3 Mar 2010 10:41PM
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Even if there is some pimping going on (and post makes it clear that there isn't affiliation), who the hell cares. It's a good review with loads of effort put in. I think we should probably be encouraging people to put this level of effort in. He doesn't flatter the kite with all kinds of praise. It's a good honest review from someone who knows what they are talking about.

Do you buy kites or anything for that matter purely based on some internet review? I suspect you'd probably go demo the kite for yourself if you were in the market.

the reeper
7 posts
4 Mar 2010 6:44AM
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Relo you blow.
Can't kite, can't spell & wouldn't know the first thing about construction.

ACT, 1258 posts
4 Mar 2010 11:49AM
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nice reveiw relo

poor relative
WA, 8944 posts
4 Mar 2010 8:58AM
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waxman said...

Pimping review PR...

I'm not pimping have nothing at all to gain.
I'm from the old school though where if someone does you a good turn you return the favour
In this case John lent me a kite that i asked to borrow so i'll do a review.

I'm shopping for a wave riding kite ATM that i will buy with hard earned $$

Off to AKS today to pick up a Catalyst for a few days. Will do the same sort of review when i get the chance.

SA, 1390 posts
4 Mar 2010 12:19PM
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No need to get upset PR. Im just returning the favor, i have read a lot of your posts and all you seem to do is try to defame people call them a pimp, team rider, sponsored rider when all they have been doing is giving a review on gear they have ridden. When in reality they havent made a cent on writing the review, or been asked to do the review, and are just opening themselfs up to critasism from people like you. Most of these people actualy promoted the Brand, not the store they were buying it from as you have done and it is actualy against the posting guidlines.

I hope this clears up the definition of Pimping for you, and look forward to your next review.

WA, 364 posts
4 Mar 2010 9:57AM
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I've had these kites for a few weeks and the review is spot-on.
Good job Relo.

WA, 42 posts
4 Mar 2010 12:43PM
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hey reli, I had a go of the Religion last night too in a 10m - probably much the same wind conditions except smaller swell where I was. I was riding a pretty terrible home-made strapless surfboard and still had the absolute time of my life!

Awesome review there - covers everything really well so there's nothing much for me to add...

I can comment on relaunch as I did manage to put it down once directly in front of me. The relaunch on this thing is astonishing. it hit the water and with a turn of the bar (not even grabbing any lines) it kind-of reversed out of the water and pivoted on itself to hotlaunch from straight downwind. I've never seen anything like it!

There were only 2 negatives I could think of for the kite (not being grunty wasn't one of them being on a 10m, however it did feel more like a 9 or 8). The first was there being nothing to hold the mini-fifth to the centre-line and my leash kept getting in the way (very easy fix, so not too troubled by it) and the other was that there was no swivel and my front lines wound up because it loves being looped so hard and so often! Although having seen your pics beneath that neoprene on the bar, it seems that there is actually a below-the-bar swivel and I could have easily unwound it (next time I'll know).

Great kite for sure! what it lacks in grunt it more than makes up for (and then some) in speed. Wherever you want the kite it WILL be there if it's not already without even having to think about it. My skill level on a surfboard is fairly limited and this kite felt like it could surf way better than I could so there's heaps of room to progress to levels I will unfortunately never progress to!

A most enjoyable experience!

niall barrett
WA, 246 posts
4 Mar 2010 4:17PM
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Poor relative that was an absolutely awesome review. Whatever you do for aliving your wasted. You should apply for a job with a kitemag.

I can assure everyone that Poor Relative is just an intending consumer and has no affiliation to RRD or SOS and has not been paid for his services. I am actually the RRD Australian team rider and i have already posted the following review which is similar. I do try and be honest and not claim this is the wonder kite that i going to turn everyone who rides it into a felix pivec. The main thing is fast kites are a lot of fun so why not give one a go

previous post :
The new RRD religions arrived at SOS 2 weeks ago, unfortunately just as the season nears an end. There was a lot of hype about a 'dedicated wave kite' at least 6m ago but when the kite failed to materialise people were starting to wonder was it all just 'piss and wind', but then those of us lucky enough to get one 2 weeks ago have been well impressed, and I do not apologise for pimping such a great wavekite as it may just be the advance that a lot of dedicated surfboard riders have been waiting for.

This is not touted as do it all kite but as a dedicated wave kite and it's all about the turn......... incredibly quick and smooth with no stall, no jerk and quicker around the corner than a type 9, which is saying something. It is absolutely the fastest turning kite I or I expect anyone else will have ever used and it may take a bit of getting used to if you have been riding slow kites til now. The 11.5 turns as quick as the 9m type 9 and faster than most 7m kites. This opens the door on performance riding in 12-15 kts. When you're on the 7m its so quick you forget just what you can do to start with. a section looms downwind and where previously you would have been waiting for the kite to come around you have already snapped around and bashed the lip on the religion.

The struts and LE are big and solid and the whole thing feel absolutely rock solid in the air. It has been reinforced to take a hammering if you drop it. It drifts back as you ride downwind. but is always just sitting there waiting for bar input. The power level as it is thrown across the window is smooth and easily killed with depower, keeping the rider in control, but by the same token it would not satisfy someone wanting massive boosts. Upwind is much improved on the type 9 and is on par with the Obsession and most modern kites. The bar pressure is really light coming off the type 9 and I expect those who have suffered elbow tendonitis will welcome this.

The RELIGIONS are not grunty size for size and alot of the quoted area is in those big foward sitting square tips for turning speed. I would suggest one compares the religion more with a C kite [and to look at they are really a low aspect bridled C] than a bow, on a size to wind range comparison, so the 11.5 would have equivalent wind range to most 10s in a more bow shape.

John and Andy at SOS have demo kites available and If you see me at scarbs I am happy to give people a go.

high as a kite
SA, 1255 posts
4 Mar 2010 9:00PM
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Great review Relo,
Also looking for a 7 wave kite at the mo.

Started out on RRP back in the day, loved them but they fell apart. This kite how ever looks well built.Got me very interested

I current fly '09 Ozone lights and I'm keen to see what you think of the Catalyst.
What size are you having a crack at?


poor relative
WA, 8944 posts
4 Mar 2010 7:02PM
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Thanks for the props all.
I really enjoyed reviewing this kite and am going to try and demo a few more over the coming weeks as i get time and as i get my hands on them.
I really think with this kite that RRD have lifted the bar in pure wave orientated kites. Its going to be interesting to see which way RRd take the development of this kite.

high as a kite said...

I'm keen to see what you think of the Catalyst.
What size are you having a crack at?

I have a spanking new 10.
Would have liked to take a smaller size like an 8 or a 7 but there is none in WA for a couple more weeks.
I'm not used to 'big' kites at all - my biggest is a 9 so its going to be interesting.

WA, 3463 posts
4 Mar 2010 11:54PM
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Waxman you are overconfident and full of it. Thanks Mike for the great revue.

Old man out

VIC, 4273 posts
5 Mar 2010 11:15AM
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First off, when someone puts this much effort into a review I honestly don't mind if there is a bit of pimping in it, there are pictures showing all aspects of the kite and enough to promote interest in the kite. If shops put this much effort into their reviews I'd be happy to see them regularly rather than the usual "Pros - Best kite I ever tried, fastest, highest jumping, Cons - Nothing, its perfect" kind of crap we get normally.

Secondly, the review actually seemed fairly neutral, its not like he proclaimed it as the holy grail of surfing kites.

WA, 713 posts
6 Mar 2010 9:58AM
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Hey Guys,

It looks like a great kite, nice review rely.

The one thing that really interests me is the Side Shore / On Shore settings, anybody have feedback. I would think the On shore would be more forward flying???

I would if the bigger sizes are that fast turning and light feeling.


WA, 42 posts
6 Mar 2010 10:16AM
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richswing said...

I would if the bigger sizes are that fast turning and light feeling.


I can't comment on the 11.5 but the bigger kite that I had a go of (10m) is definitely fast fast fast and really light on the bar - I've never been much of a one handed flyer, but on this thing I didn't ever have 2 hands on the bar... no need for it at all.
The 10 honestly felt more like a 7 or 8... so so much faster than my 9m which is was a quick kite for its size.
WA, 11 posts
6 Mar 2010 4:17PM
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Hi Guys,

First let me say the I am an SOS rider for about 12 years and I make tea for the team!

I applaud the incisive thought and effort taken on that first review. Worth noting that there is no info from RRD on the Religions as yet so I think it is a useful and certainly the most detailed reference globally - WELL DONE.

I stuck with my 2008 RRD Type 9s last year as I liked their speed and found nothing as quick. What I didn't like was their twitchiness and tendency to yaw and overfly the window.

The Religions have the speed of the Type 9 and it's tip-turns hark back to the RRD Type 2 wave. It doesn't rocket upwind like the HypertypeII or the Obsession II But moving the front line mounts from cross to onshore lets the kites fly further forward in the window; you have less power but point higher. It is super stable when 'parked' and does not fall out of the sky when you run towards the kite, it seems to just sit there and wait for you to throw yourself up the face again.
Bar pressure is light, very different to the Type9 and takes some getting used to, resisting the temptation to oversheet to pull yourself back into a vertical position during lulls is proving quite hard to remember.
A common mistake I make whilst wave-riding is leaving it a bit late to throw the kite whilst on the lip allowing the wave to go under you while you wait agonising milliseconds for the kite to power up again, a bit like a sneeze that doesn't quite come. This kite is so quick and stable that just doesn't happen; It even turns with slack back lines. This allows you to leave moves to the last minute, becoming more reactive, like the best bits of windsurf waveriding; great for our shore breaks.

I agree with Niall; the 11.5 turns like a 9.0 with very little lag normally felt with big kites. The 9.0 feels 'big' and turns like a 7.0. I haven't used my 7.0 yet but this will probably end up being most used given our prevailing conditions.
I used the 5.0 last thursday late afternoon, I am told it was 30-35kt and know it was gusty gusty. It flew like a mosquito in the sky but super stable. specifically no uncontrollable power surges and when I stalled on the face of a wave, ran down the line toward the kite (got mini tube ) it just hung there and awaited instructions Just another great day in the waves.
When I packed up another kiter walked up to me and asked if I'd had a good session, before I could reply he left me in no uncertainty that his had sucked. I couldn't upset him so i kept quiet.

The net result is a great wave-riding kite, in the 2 weeks since I started using them my wave-riding has become much tighter, more vertical, more aerials more bottom turns and generally, well better and most importantly more fun.

Perhaps the reason I like the Religion so much is that it is such a quantum leap forward from my 2008 kites...?
But I think it is more the lovely combination of speed and stability, I am not arrogant enough to sell it as the next sliced loaf but to (mis)quote REM; I have definitely found my religion.

I have bought the 11.5, 9.0, 7.0, 5.0 ; with my own money DON'T TELL MY WIFE

WA, 61 posts
10 Mar 2010 7:25PM
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Hey Relo question: How does this kite go for riding upwind onto waves? That is riding natural toe side on a souwester (upwind onto the wave rather than downwind down the line). One of the disadvantages of riding natural.

I ride a 7m ozone sport 2 and find that once you get some speed onto the wave it tends to pull you downwind off the wave. Down the line is no probs just when riding toeside upwind.
Thought you might be able to compare to the ozone.

Also looking for a new 7m wave kite. Just want something that flies a bit further forward in the window and that can get a bit more depower out of riding toeside.
Have tried a couple of other kites and one was good on the wave but too on and off the power when gusty.

poor relative
WA, 8944 posts
11 Mar 2010 2:58PM
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inverted said...

Hey Relo question: How does this kite go for riding upwind onto waves? . Just want something that flies a bit further forward in the window and that can get a bit more depower out of riding toeside.

The Ozone i compare to is the Edge - not much depower on the Edge so riding upwind on the Religion was so much better as you have the ability to shut off the power and also the kite sits that further forward.
I would suggest you grab a demo.

niall barrett
WA, 246 posts
11 Mar 2010 3:20PM
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Yes the religion both depowers alot and points high to the wind and having tried to drag Type 9 upwind for 2 years, i can now actually get some freedom of movement and turns in with religion going upwind, but even better you can now turn that 'Down The Line' Cutback into a full roundhouse into reo.. this kite is exciting me with new possibilities.


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