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Reedin upper model

Created by Penfold 2 months ago, 24 Aug 2020
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24 Aug 2020 7:34PM
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Hey has anyone tried Reedin kites, or know of anyone that demoes them in Perth?

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24 Aug 2020 8:48PM
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hey there, i have used the 9 & 12 in a few different conditions. used to ride naish dash before, havnt tried pivot or similiar before...

build quality is great, the finish is excellent and it doesnt feel like a "first kite". there is some difference in feeling with the pulleys but imo it help the kite to have a smoother turn especially when unexpected. jumps are floaty and the downloops give you a nice second boost. its definately more calm than the dash but you still get a nice rip off the water.

bar pressure isnt very hard at all i would say average. i have had the 9 up in 40kt squals, the 12 down to 8-10kts foiling. re-launch is really good. the kite goes upwind well.

the bar is excellent, i would suggest everyone to look at the new split bar design with seperate flag out coated flag out line. it really will extend the life the main lines. only downside is you have to have it set up correctly at the start otherwise middle lines will stay twisted. mechanism works extrmely well even after been dragged in the sand.

I hope to have a decent review up when i get the chance. i made some videos in the mean time. yeh last video forgot to attached the leash for the first 20mins... haha so lucky nothing went wrong

copied from my post in another thread.....

With the supermodel i found you lose the rip of the water (well its just a bit less). The pulleys (imo) also greatly influence the reactions of the kite and its a little slower so it took me some time to get used to how to load up my edge for longer to time it with the kite to get that extreme boost. However, the postitive this brought far outweighted negatives once i got used to the way the kite rides i found it can boost higher, has 2x more hangtime and the kite generates more lift on the downloops. I feel it loops lower in the window and gives more yank (again maybe getting used it it)...
wind range is better (probably by kite size) and the thing sits in the air well and is very stable. i have had it out foiling in 10kts....
havnt tried unhooking as i am not doing that much of it anymore

bar imo if a big upgrade as well.

i made a few videos if you youtube search for glasstraxx you can find my channel.

im living in scotland now so probably cant get one to you to test :(


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