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Ride Engine Harness - Elite : tips

Created by Ben - Ikon Thursday, 15 Jun 2017
Ben - Ikon
WA, 95 posts
Thursday , 15 Jun 2017 6:46AM
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Rider: Weight 95kg,
Style: Freeride, Big air, Wave, Snowkite
Build Quality: 9/10
Satisfaction: 9/10
Disclosure: Ride Engine Sponsored / Ikon kiteboarding designer

Thanks to the Ride Engine distributor Josh, I got the Ride Engine Elite Series last summer. I took me a while to write this review but I needed to test the harness in different conditions to provide a decent review on the beast.

Before I start writing this review, I would recommend interested rider to contact their local retailer and try the harness . no marketing talk or review should overcome your own testing! It has always been my approach : Give it a crack!

You might have heard about all the advantages of the carbon plate low profile on other reviews or videos so I will pass on this. Here are the important points to enjoy fully your new harness.

#1 - Take the time to adjust it properly or you will be disappointed
Like a kid with a new toy, I just went to my first session, put the harness on and went out. I was good but I felt some discomfort when the harness was moving slightly. I came back home that night and googled "how to set up the Ride Engine harness" . I might have spent 20 minutes adjusting webbings, buckles and straps but the result was perfect. The harness was locked in and easy to put on and off. It never moved again.

Check this video out to setup your harness

#2 - D-Shackle modification
I found that the locking speed loop was essential to lock the buckle in place, but as winter was coming it was hard to untied. The solution was easy, I threaded a D-Shackle ring into the loop before thread the webbing back in the buckle. This way I have something to pull on to untied.

#3 - Stitching the end of the speed loop
I also folded and stitched the end of the speed loop. I don't have to worried about pulling the speed loop too much and I would have to re-thread through the buckle. This 2 modifications made the harness super easy to put on and get off.

#4 - Testing
The Ride Engine Elite feel solid and really well build. I had a lot of boosting session down in Augusta (WA) and I could do kiteloops and hangtime jumps all afternoon. I didn't feel sore the day after which is pretty unusual, and I was ready to loop it again!I have a fixed buckle as well as a sliding buckle. I have been using mostly the fixed buckle but I think the sliding was really good for toeside waveriding. which only happen in winter for me with the north west wind.This harness is definitely the Rolls Royce of the harnesses and need a bit of time to get fitted, but it's worth it. The harness stay locked in and provide full support.

If you are around Perth area, call the guys at WA Surf or Action sport WA for more advise.

Ozone Kites Aus
NSW, 506 posts
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Thursday , 15 Jun 2017 5:35PM
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Great idea on the D ring mate, thanks for that!!!

QLD, 1492 posts
Thursday , 15 Jun 2017 8:18PM
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Josh is the man!!!.

Thankyou for your well well thought out review.

QLD, 150 posts
Thursday , 15 Jun 2017 9:05PM
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That D ring is a good idea, think I'll slip one one.

196 posts
Saturday , 17 Jun 2017 8:49AM
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ThNks for the tips

i absolutely love my ride engine harness, I could not go back to a normal harness now

anyone got any ideas on where to place a hook knife on one of these ?

NSW, 35 posts
Saturday , 17 Jun 2017 3:12PM
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Youngbreezy said..
ThNks for the tips

i absolutely love my ride engine harness, I could not go back to a normal harness now

anyone got any ideas on where to place a hook knife on one of these ?

Got mine on the black loop which attaches to the spreader bar (the side you don't take off) knife at the top, leash at the bottom.

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Sunday , 18 Jun 2017 1:19AM
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Thinking of getting one too, should I go for carbon bar or a steel one with sliding rope? riding tt and strapless, Tried one on last week and loved how it wraps around and the general feel of it.


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