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Seabreeze photochromic prescription

Created by Saffer Monday, 2 Dec 2019
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Monday , 2 Dec 2019 7:57PM
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This is the long version, if you're not happy and want the short version, lodge a complaint at by sending an email to idontgive@a****.com
From those of you who are relatively blind like me (guess my mum was right about the cause), I ordered some prescription seaspecs.
I had some previously but my prescription has got worse (see above) so this time I tried to get the photochromatic version.
For those of you who don't know what photochromatic means, it's a technical term used in ophthalmology circles for "gets darker in the sun" mainly because optometrists are jealous that the real doctors got all the big Latin words and they want to get back at the rest of humanity by also using big bloody words for no reason at all.
Why did I get them?
Because I'm blind and there is nothing worse than kiting until the sun goes down and then stumbling around blindly falling over **** (or stepping in the leftover dog **** on the grass) because it's too dark with your sunnies on and too blind with them off. Because Melbourne has **** weather and often you go out kiting when it's overcast and you can't see **** with sunnies.
Anyway, they are pretty decent. My Astigmatism (see above points about Optometrists being douches) is off the charts and they still managed to make them.
They darken in about 5 seconds, but it takes a little while for them to lighten. Fortunately, the sun doesn't switch off like a lightbulb. Here is a before and after.
Pretty happy with them, despite the cost


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