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Where do i go from a North Nugget 5`4

Created by Frauso > 9 months ago, 18 Oct 2020
QLD, 24 posts
18 Oct 2020 8:38PM
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I have been riding a Nugget now for the last 5 years and truly love it . I am 110 kg and it floats me perfectly but its time to move on to something newer . Thinking of the north Cross ? Any suggestions guys ?

VIC, 206 posts
24 Oct 2020 9:09AM
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Duotone pro fish seems to be the suceder to the nugget, but no footstrap options so needs to be ridden strapless.
Doesn't seem to be many light wind small wave options around now as foiling has taken up this area.
I find the Nugget great in lighter winds but soon as the wind builds it becomes difficult to hold the power and dig the edge in.
Plenty of shapes options and brands around so would be interested to hear what you find.

VIC, 155 posts
24 Oct 2020 11:05AM
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May need to go custom shape Black Sheep board co in Queensland . Few of my bigger riders are on my Smook Shredder MK4 5'3"x18.5" 2 1/8" 23.8 Lt Which has planning hull low profile / thin rails and reduced tail area to be able to sink rails or tail in on sharp turns on waves and for stronger wind This size would be ok over 20k but if lighter probably require like 5'4/5'5 x19" x2 1/4

QLD, 1284 posts
24 Oct 2020 7:19PM
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I don't think anything will match the speed and light wind ability of a Nugget for a bigger guy. The North cross is a great board if you considered using it along side of your current Nuggett.We have a couple of bigger guys on the new Duotone Fish, I will see if I can get them to chime in here for you.

QLD, 435 posts
24 Oct 2020 8:18PM
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I have a 5.3 Nugget and a 2021 5'5 Duotone Pro Fish and weigh in at a 100 pies. Some seem to say that the new Fish is a replacement for the Nugget.... its not.

When it's over 16knots, I take both boards down with me. I usually jump on the Fish first and if underpowered or if the wind drops I grab the Nugget.

I've only used the fish with my 8 & 10 Pivots so far. I also have a S25 14m Boxer but I haven't used the Fish with that kite yet due to the fact that when I chuck the Boxer up the conditions are marginal and best suited to the Nugget.

The differences I have found over the last couple of months are:-
- The Nugget has a way better low end (3-4 knots), stays on the plane easier during transitions and on sloppy full waves. When the waves get chest high it can accelerate too quickly down the face and becomes a handful. The Nugget is loose, fast and better in marginal conditions.

- The Fish is way lighter, has more rocker, feels a little draggy but is more locked in. The bottom shape definitely makes it ride softer in the chop. On a nice sucky wave above waist high is where the Fish starts to come alive. That draggy feeling it has going up wind, keeps you from out-accelerating the wave and allows to play on the face with ease, executing nice turns with plenty of grip and stability. I really enjoy the ease at which it sits in the pocket toe-side while I drag my fingers along the face of the wave. The Fish can also handle more wind than the Nugget.

They both track up wind well, but the Nugget will do it in less wind. If you have any questions on the Fish.. hit me up.

My suggestion would be keep Nugget and get another board to cover the conditions the Nugget doesn't excel in.


NSW, 509 posts
24 Oct 2020 11:07PM
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Hey Frauso
I'm 105kg agree totally with the efficiency of the Nuggett in marginal conditions.
I have a 2019 Duotone 5'5" whip,29Ltrs seems to cover up to moderate waves with ease.Goes up wind ok.Likes more wind than the nugget.Can have straps or not.

QLD, 435 posts
3 Nov 2020 7:55PM
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With more time on the fish I am getting better foot placement and board composure to get a little better bottom end out of it. I would say the bottom end difference between the Fish and Nugget is now about 2-3 knots.
I got to ride the Fish with 14m Boxer today for the first time. Wasn't on it long until I dropped down to a 10m Pivot. I noticed that the Boxer goes up wind better using the Nugget than the Fish, not hugely better though.

Another thing to add is the 5.5 Fish not only feels smaller but it also feels shorter to ride and pops over the white water so smoothly compared to the 5.3 Nugget.

NT, 380 posts
5 Nov 2020 1:17PM
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84 kgs , nugget 5'2 and fish 5'5... so not in the weight category but ...

I got the fish as i was after a more responsive light wind board which engaged better with waves than the nugget which tended to get away from me when on a wave .
For me there is about 2kts difference between them .

Crakas sums it up well though ... very different boards . The fish is very responsive to foot placement for what you need it to do at the time , it is awesome fun board full of surprises when you get it dialed .
Then if I get back on the nugget , it's like ... huh , wow this old board is a lot of fun !

Keep your nugget , don't let it go as there probably nothing to touch it in light winds . The next step is either a race type board ( sector ) or a foil....but in waves the fish has been great .

I have both the nugget and the fish in the car ... along with the foil .

QLD, 435 posts
26 Feb 2021 6:56AM
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What did you end up getting?


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