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Zian Aquila v3 Any reviews?

Created by mrGee 1 month ago, 27 May 2018
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27 May 2018 9:21PM
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Is there anybody that can Give a review on the Zian Aquila v3? I am just starting to jump and do my first backrolls, I kite both at sea (choppy and medium waves, Netherlands Europa) and flatwater. I consider buying a Zian Aquila.

WA, 10 posts
28 May 2018 10:33PM
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Hey I have used all the Zian models and love them. But I definetely prefer the kima model over the aquila as it's faster and has lighter bar pressure

QLD, 4 posts
31 May 2018 9:45PM
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I've flown the 10 12 and 14.
Good kite, well built, slow but great hang time. Flys very well in light wind. And pulls hard through the loop. Unhooked Watersports has a few in stock as well.


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"Zian Aquila v3 Any reviews?" started by mrGee