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Zian Aquila v3 Any reviews?

Created by mrGee 8 months ago, 27 May 2018
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27 May 2018 9:21PM
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Is there anybody that can Give a review on the Zian Aquila v3? I am just starting to jump and do my first backrolls, I kite both at sea (choppy and medium waves, Netherlands Europa) and flatwater. I consider buying a Zian Aquila.

WA, 10 posts
28 May 2018 10:33PM
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Hey I have used all the Zian models and love them. But I definetely prefer the kima model over the aquila as it's faster and has lighter bar pressure

QLD, 4 posts
31 May 2018 9:45PM
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I've flown the 10 12 and 14.
Good kite, well built, slow but great hang time. Flys very well in light wind. And pulls hard through the loop. Unhooked Watersports has a few in stock as well.

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28 Aug 2018 4:56AM
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Just tested the aquila v3 12m in cape drepano. The kite is great. On the "air mode" the hang time is truly amazing, that with its very impressive stability make it a great kite for boosting and for old school tricks. The low end is also impressive, okay my girlfriend is not heavy at around 65-70kg but she was ripping it with only 11 knots blowing !
It is a bit slow but a bit better on the "freestyle mode". I guess with stronger wind it also would get faster.
Overall it's a great boosting machine which behaves like a tractor in light winds. Considering buying a 9m and maybe a faster Kima 7m for strong days.


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