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Zian kite dealers

Created by maxpower1 1 month ago, 10 Nov 2018
WA, 2 posts
10 Nov 2018 10:15PM
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Interested in getting a Zian kite. But struggling to find Ozzy shops selling them. Tried Elements kiteboarding in Perth and Unhooked watersports I think their name is and both are out of stock. Anyone know of other shops selling them? Want to get a new kite but can't afford the more popular brands at the moment.

Fly on da wall
VIC, 644 posts
11 Nov 2018 7:24AM
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Try Buzz or Switch kites. They're cheap.

WA, 365 posts
11 Nov 2018 12:33PM
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You just missed Airbornes carpark sale.
Bad timing.

NSW, 8 posts
14 Nov 2018 10:56AM
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Unhooked water sports Wollongong.
Call Ben 0433161110


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"Zian kite dealers" started by maxpower1