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New to Adelaide

Created by tlpur1 > 9 months ago, 29 May 2014
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29 May 2014 7:52AM
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I'm new to Adelaide and looking for places / people to kite with. I'm pretty new having only one season under my belt in Melbourne. Realise this time of the year isn't ideal, but let me know I you're keen.


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29 May 2014 11:16AM
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Refer to the topic ( Learning late in the season ) in the SA section.

Lots of info there about places. In regards to people to kite with just head to your local beach and mingle you will find most people like a kite and a chat.

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16 Jun 2014 9:58AM
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Hi tlpur1,

How are you mate?

You can check out the website for details of where you can and can't kite in Adelaide. It's a bit of a must, because we have some beaches that are well out of bounds, but we work hard with council to ensure their support with other lengths of beach too. It's more than just fluffy dogs and old ladies, there's Civil Aviation and a few things like that to be mindful of. But if you have any questions at all along the way, please don't hesitate to flick SAKSA an email and just ask. We're here to help mate! :)


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18 Jun 2014 7:48AM
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Can i get a tag on the day from someone at Haven if i kite there, or do i have to pre purchase?

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18 Jun 2014 9:37PM
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Hi Koshi

the only way to get a tag is to join SAKSA. That way the Council knows you have the required insurances.

The other reason the Council likes you to be a member of SAKSA is the Code of Conduct and self-policing aspect of the association. When I say self-policing, I mean you might get a tap on the shoulder and a polite chat if someone from the association sees you not doing the right thing.

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24 Jun 2014 3:52PM
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"tap on the shoulder and a polite chat if someone from the association sees you not doing the right thing".. then your nicked?

Good God !

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25 Jun 2014 12:59AM
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hi tlpur1

welcome to adelaide! As you are probably aware, lots of wind this week so you may get lucky soon yeeeeeeeeoooow

As for knowing when and where people will be kiting, join the saksa & who's kiting where pages on facebook, they are good ones for keeping in touch and to see where people are heading.

A good beach to learn at is largs bay, it is flatter and has way more beach than henley, grange or the chicken shop, especially in winter when sometimes the tides are very high. for example, Henley can be tricky as with high tides there is not much beach is left, and the chop can get quite big too. There is a bit of info in the previous few threads in the SA section of seabreeze as well, so having a browse through them may be useful to you.

As mick14 and Jordan mentioned above, being part of SAKSA means being able to continue to fly at beaches around the metro areas as the guys work very closely with the councils to keep the beaches open, as well as having insurance in case you hurt someone or damage property when ** hits the fan. Check out all the infor on Regarding your tag, when you sign up they will send it to you in the mail. You are covered from the day you sign up though.

with gusty winter conditions coming, try and kite where other people kite, and just help out launching/landing others and they'll probably do the same for you. safer for everyone and less wear and tear on your kite :)

about the whole "not doing the right thing" convo above, im pretty sure Mike was suggesting we just all look out for each other. The crew on the beach are absolutely fantastic here in SA, and being "tapped on the shoulder" generally means someone actually cares about you and others on the water. It comes down to the fact that we all love sharing the stoke, and if that means that if (for example) we walk up to a newbie who puts up a 14 meter kite in 30 knots, we probably just want you to have a good time rather than watching you kill yourself with a kite that is not appropriate for the conditions and not do anything about it.

Either way, I'm sure you'll meet lots of the kiters soon :) don't hesitate to ask any questions here, send me a pm or come and find me or others on the beach if there is anything you are not sure about, always happy to help.

Cya on the water

cheers, elise

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28 Jun 2014 9:59AM
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Well said !!!


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