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SAKSA is changing to KSA

Created by Kiteboarding SA > 9 months ago, 1 Dec 2015
Kiteboarding SA
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1 Dec 2015 10:58AM
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Hey everyone.

As some of you may be aware from the newsletter and other correspondences, we are changing from SAKSA into KSA, kiteboarding South Australia. In conjunction with KA (kiteboarding Australia, our national body) we are making these changes to take kiteboarding into the future, which ultimately, will bring you better services, better value for your membership, and more events.

We at KSA are certainly pretty stoked to be part of the change, so today the Facebook page has been changed, and in the next few weeks, our website will also change its name to kiteboardingsouthaustralia (though, if you were to type ‘SAKSA’ into google, it will still redirect you to the KSA website, no worries)

And…If you haven’t already checked it out, KSA is now on Instagram too, so give us a follow on @kiteboarding_southaustralia, tag us in your pics (#kitesouthaustralia) and lets share some good old South Oz stoke with the world!

Aside from that, there will be some more subtle changes happening over the next 6 months or so, including to our branding and some of the more ‘formal’ stuff behind the scenes.

Again, we can’t do anything without the support of our members, YOU. So thank you for continuing to support us, and for those who are new, check out our website to join up for a membership, or feel free to ask any of the committee members any questions regarding becoming part of KSA.

Yeeeoow !

KSA committee

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4 Dec 2015 6:53AM
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