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Created by kitesurfjakey 1 month ago, 17 Jan 2024
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17 Jan 2024 3:12PM
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Hey everyone I am arriving in tassssssssyyy from 25th Jan to 3rd feb for a road trip

I am chasing side shore wave riding conditions and locations ideally.

Are smaller kites needed in Tasmania generally?
how consistent generally is the wind over this time of year?
any advise would be ,much appreciated


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20 Jan 2024 10:21AM
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Hi, I was in Tassie November 2022,best area I found for kite waves were around Hobart itself, I just googled kitting in Tassie. Locations I kited at were Marion Bay, Carlton Beach and Clifton Beach. I also travel up the east coast, plenty of spots there, Friendly Beaches, Cole Bay, Bicheno up to St Helens. Some decent surf beaches on the south side of St Helens entrance to the Bay,it's about 10k out to entrance. South to Scamander has decent beaches as well. The north coast has plenty of spots from Launceston across to Stanley, although little surf due to Bass Straight. NW corner at Marrawah you'll find Green Beach good for surfboard and kitting,also small free amping area. Several other spots nearby are mentioned on google.
I used 7m up to 12m kites, water was cold but it was fun. I joined a "What's App Site" for kitting,winging etc for around Hobart which was handy.
Good luck Neal


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