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The Hookup - Welcome

Created by laurie > 9 months ago, 28 Jan 2010
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28 Jan 2010 1:41PM
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The forum is for getting crew together. Downwinders, road trips, anything.

Primarily started for Downwinders, which are an awesome session. Avoid the crowds, no more carving upwind, and hit lots of beach breaks on the way...

But organising cars & people can be difficult with stuff like work & family intruding on quality kiting time.

This forum is here to help you organise your downwinder.

Post where you intend going, and workout amongst yourselves how to make it happen.

What time?
Where to where?
Who's leaving what car where?
Who's driving folks from the 'end' to the start?
Who's starting at the start, and needs a lift to the end?

A great way to meet new kiters, and have more downwind action.

Enjoy ..

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28 Jan 2010 2:19PM
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Tops idea Loz.

Surely you got an AO this year?

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28 Jan 2010 6:54PM
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Hi. I'm new to kitesurfing and in the Wollongong area. It would be great to meet some people with more experience and the same intrests. I started a few months ago with 4 mates and we have been teaching ourselves. I wouldn't want to slow them down, but any tips on the water would be great.


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28 Jan 2010 6:26PM
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Got an injury at the moment keeping me on land, so no kiting for the mo.


The "speed" part is only an issue depending on the crew you go with. The ones I go on do are "wave" orrientated, so it's a casual scoot in & out, hitting a few beach breaks .. not a big downwind run at full throttle. For me, downwinders are often over too early, even when going slow!

Re Jet Ski's .. again, the ones I go on, you're with mates, and we don't reach that far offshore anyways (cos we're hitting the beachies), so if it all goes pear shaped, you can swim/float in or get dragged in by friends.

But .. that's my perspective .. if Ian Young reads this forum, no doubt he'll want to organise a Margaret River to Exmouth 4 day downwinder!

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29 Jan 2010 8:01AM
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My 14yr old son has been kiting longer than me and he went on a down winder from Queens beach in Scaborough to Sandgate in Brisbane which is a fair way. I thought the same thing that it would be just a straight bolt to the finish but they (9 kiters) had a ball, not far off shore crusing in and out of the beaches along the way. its a run you can follow by car and keep tabs on everyone.

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1 Feb 2010 9:06PM
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Hey Laurie great idea, and your comments about down winders are so spot on. If you muck about you can have a brilliant time with the option of going flat out if you need to. So if you find a spot where there is a good break you can enjoy it - also kiting in wind that is too soft for normal stuff, no worry about losing ground.

I live and kite at Stockton. A brilliant down winder can be had from Anna Bay, Birubi to Newcastle. The beach is roughly 40ks long and fringed by spectacular dunes all the way along. You can get onto the beach halfway down, 4wd only if you do not want do the whole distance. Highly advisable to have 4wd back up as it is long walk off the dunes.

There is a wreck halfway down which provides a bit of fun and a great back drop.

Will post if the wind ever comes right!



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