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Kitesurf Trek

Created by Jake888 8 months ago, 26 Jun 2018
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26 Jun 2018 5:29PM
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Hey Guys, I have an idea for a 4 day down-winder kiting trek, camping on the beach each night, fishing in the morning and then kiting the arvos. Planning on starting somewhere on a beach in Perth and then pushing it 4-5 hours a day/ wind permitting as far North as possible.

Anyone ever done anything like this? If so how far did you get? Whats an average distance per day? Any lull spots on the coast to be careful of? Any long stretches of cliffs before Kalbarri (doubt I will even get to Geraldton) ? Thinking I should be able to do 75-100km a day reasonably easily, if not more.

Before the trolls start with reasons not to do this, I'm going to do it anyway, I've done kayaking, sailing and hiking treks before, would be packing light and planning to stop in at little towns along the way to get provisions each day, been kiting for 14yrs, and have PLBs, electronic flares, impact vests, etc and plan to do it with a few buddies or a support crew in a chase car.

Also if anyone is keen to join, comment below, thinking of doing this in November/December when the seabreeze comes back.

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26 Jun 2018 7:16PM
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Flick youngy a pm did Perth to Exmouth for Soldier on charity
100 klm a day would be cruisy
if we get our standard summer breeze, when you get yo dongara I'll join you for a stint, not many issues unless you have gear issues
and some spots you wouldn't want that, kites make good tents

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3 Jul 2018 2:34PM
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5 days from Trigg to Dongra would be easy enough. Last section would be pretty boring though.


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