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Kitetrip Dezember who else? Westcoast

Created by Pfinzi > 9 months ago, 7 Sep 2017
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7 Sep 2017 7:10PM
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Hi all
Me Jonas 21 and my friend Ken 23 are doing a trip all along the westcoast probably up to exmouth in December this year 2017 for 4 weeks. We are looking either for people who want to join us and have fun together or someone where we can jump in the the car with so I can sell my van before since I have to leave Australia in January...
Please write me when you are interested or have similar plans :) 0484596576
Cheers, Jonas

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7 Sep 2017 7:16PM
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I've been on that boat ...

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8 Sep 2017 6:22AM
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timmybuddhadude said..
I've been on that boat ...

Unfortunately it didn't sink

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26 Nov 2017 10:42PM
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Hi i travel alone now in west coast i have rental one campervan. I would to find a kitesurf people for the same thinks. I'm in Rockingam 50 km south of Perth. Normaly i would to go tomorrow monday 27 november 2017 in direction of the north. I would to drive near to the coast and make some stop for kiting in a lot of spot in the north coast and visiting shark bay, monka mia and exmonth... i don't go more up to exmonth i staid in sandy cap 2 days or more and i come back... i think 15 days minimum but normaly for 26 if i like the north cost i'm finish my travel 22 december...

When you arrive in Australia?

I don't arrive to use your phone number in wattsap what is the first number international? For example 0041 and after your number without the first 0?


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