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SA crew coming

Created by pepeman > 9 months ago, 25 May 2015
Dave Whettingsteel
WA, 1341 posts
30 May 2015 9:12PM
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Maybe I've been unlucky but I have been to hangover bay a dozen times over the last 2 years. It's a beautiful spot but doesn't seem to pick up much of a wave. I've kited there in a knee high wave then when I've got home to Gero it's been head high, and Horrocks head and a half. Hangover is a magic beach but I think it's quite sheltered from a swell perspective.

king of the point
WA, 1812 posts
1 Jun 2015 8:12AM
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How things have changed ,,,,,,,,believing you had to stay in the Perth metro area for something ????? other than kiting

If this is not the case dont

It is seasonal but a fair chance you may not get a seabreeze on the perth metro until late arvo 1 2 3 pm and it will /could peak at 15 to 20 and drop out earLIER than anywhere else further north

To get the maximum time on the water Lancelin ...... north and again the seabreeze can be late but not as late as the metro arriving and it will hang around longer and stronger .

The difference north is an extra 10 15 knots on any seabreeze forecasted for the perth metro

To put it in perspective (i hate to even compare but to keep it very simple for wind strength and direction and comparison as it works very similarly but on a different scale to Adelaide ) .

if i was holidaying in Adelaide early in your seabreeze period you would not be telling me to stay at brighton would say base your self at a minimum around Henley Semaphore to get max time on the water

So here i go ........................

Brighton seacliff is Metro perth (its bit better than that )

Glenelg Henely is say Lancelin to Green head

Semaphore, largs bay ,north haven is Green head Dongara Geraldton (hate that comparison as there is nun really ) twice as windy for twice as many days , night and day /100 times more swells ocean reefs with lagoons to outer reefs/ beaches and surf breaks to die / drive for all with in 2 hours of each other max

Obviously the West Coast beaches / indian ocean swells / water clarity /conditions and extra punch of the seabreeze for consistency strength and wind blowing well into the late evening does not compare on any level

Any way hope you get it on ................when, and where ever you call WA your place of home for the week ...............

Looking forward to your adventure and post next summer ...........

Ps Watch out for cobblers the odds are good for 1 of the 6 of you to cop one ,,,,,he he har har

You should place bets on each other

All the best out of breath

SA, 110 posts
2 Jun 2015 9:25AM
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Thanx "king of the point".
That deserves a round of applause.
I also liked your first post with the conspiracy theory :)


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