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Woodmans Point 16/12/09, part 1

Created by paulsmyth > 9 months ago, 16 Dec 2009
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16 Dec 2009 10:41PM
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Hi guys and gals, some pictures of some very clever people, I really admire You guy's and gals and really enjoy taken snaps of You, hope You like them., had to do it in 2 parts maybe 3 takes to long to upload.

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16 Dec 2009 10:54PM
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Hey Paul.
My name is Peter King and I do quite a bit of Kitesurfing Photography.
You might want to look at a piece of software called Irfanview. It's FREE (good ****). It opens most types of files and saves as most types of files. One of the good things is that it allows you to resize the image easily. Most of mine are 1024x768. You may want to look at Copyrighting your images as well.


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"Woodmans Point 16/12/09, part 1" started by paulsmyth