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Yalingup Foiling

Created by Aspiremr 4 months ago, 13 Apr 2022
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13 Apr 2022 9:36AM
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HI All,Heading to Yallingup for Easter. Not overly familiar with the area. Are there locations suitable for foiling (kite, not wing)? Not sure whether to bother taking gear or not?

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13 Apr 2022 9:49AM
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Getting suitable wind will be your biggest challenge.

from memory I think Yallingup only really works with a SW to WSW wind.

You can try foiling here below the Yallingup beach lookout which is basically North of the main kite spot where you will see locals kitesurfing waves below the lookout next to the car park (bottom left corner of the image below) if the wind conditions are good. That Northern section has deeper waters and less rocks / reef so a safer bet for foiling.

hope this helps



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"Yalingup Foiling" started by Aspiremr