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new kiter from Squamish BC

Created by alexrussell > 9 months ago, 9 Apr 2012
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9 Apr 2012 2:07PM
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Im coming down with some friends to kite marg river in Jan 2012 and then heading to Bali after. From the research i've done it doesnt seem to be the season to kite. can anyone provide any thoughts- other places in WA? Ideally you could tell me about

1. kiting near Marg River in Dec 2012
2. kiting near Perth same time
3. kiting in Bali same time

Thanks so much for your help, cheers a

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10 Apr 2012 7:04PM
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Hey Alex, good to see you'd like to visit Western Australia for kiting. Our kite season in Perth begins in October so by December and January you'll be right in the middle of it (usually best and most consistent winds). Anywhere around Perth, North or South would be just great and you'll find a mix of flat water spots, waves spots and choppy water spots. Kiting in Margaret river is a must, especially in Augusta (30 min drive south of Margs), you'll find a few KM of flat water and waves at the back, all in the same session (see pic below). At that time of year, you should get 3-4 days of kiting a week at the very least and if we get a good (normal) season you should be able to kite nearly every day. Good thing about Margaret river and Augusta is it's not very crowded and there is a ton of space. Kite Beaches around Perth can get busier especially during week-ends and holidays. Also consider Lancelin in your trip.

As for Bali, at that time of year from what I know it would be the off season for kiting so you'd be lucky to get any wind. Also, it would be very hot and humid. I went there in November and it was almost unbearable for a Canadian like myself. In Dec-Jan it'll be the hottest time of year in Bali (40 degrees + ) and it quite often gets saturated with humidity and no wind... If you're strictly looking at kiting in Bali I would give it a miss for that time of year. Two months won't be too much to discover all of what Western Australia has to offer in terms of kiting, especially at that time of year.


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8 Jun 2012 1:11PM
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Hey Alex,
You'll enjoy riding in boardies not a 7mm, that's for sure! (I'm a west ozzie currently living in Whistler, so know what Squamish kiting is all about).
If you're into flat water kiting, the Augusta area is the best spot near Margaret River. All the Margies coastline is big wave kiting only, and respect the long term wind surfers at their spots like Margs main break our you'll run into strife with the locals.
Lancelin north of Perth has great flat water inside the lagoon.
If you're heading to Bali that time of year winds can be really inconsistent. Also, in December the trade winds aren't blowing and the dominant wind direction is from the west. The best onshore winds are therefore on the western side of Bali (the side with Padang, Cangu and all those epic surf breaks), but the Javanese dump all their rubbish into their rivers and the westerly winds blow it all onto those beaches of Bali, it's like swimming / surfing in a rubbish tip that time of year - seriously the most disgusting ocean waters I've ever seen, let alone health hazard! So, unless you find some good spots on the less populated and less well known eastern side of Bali, and you score the right winds, (i.e. unseasonal easterlies) you might want to give Bali a miss at that time of year.
Anyway, Perth and surrounding coastline has literally hundreds of Km of uncrowded beaches that all crank on the seabreeze, so just go look and you will certainly find what you're looking for in Perth!

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8 Jun 2012 7:57PM
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Hey Alex,

Check out the location guides here for spots around Perth:


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