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Just finished a new build

Created by Amersfoort > 9 months ago, 10 Aug 2017
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10 Aug 2017 10:23PM
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Test pilot 1
WA, 1426 posts
12 Aug 2017 6:52PM
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looks good!

VIC, 1049 posts
14 Aug 2017 3:30PM
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Great yacht. You're going to have fun now!

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27 Aug 2017 2:13AM
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Hello from Baja Ca, I have access to a long flat beach here and want to build a land yacht just like this. It looks like minimal welding with a lot of stuff bolted together. Are there step by step plans available for this rig?
I'm a water sailor, looking to expand to land.

Thanks, Mitch


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"Just finished a new build" started by Amersfoort