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Sandgropers 17-18 season

Created by bazl 30 days ago, 17 Sep 2017
WA, 649 posts
17 Sep 2017 11:25AM
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Sat/Sun 23 and 24 September is Lake Lefroy social weekend woo hoo!

WA, 1604 posts
17 Sep 2017 8:41PM
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The Lightning Nickle Marathon and the Andrew Bates perpetual trophy are up for grabs again, also plenty of short circuit racing , looking forward to catching up with the sand gropers. the venue is in perfect condition

WA, 1173 posts
20 Sep 2017 6:50PM
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I will be there tomorrow (Thursday) lunchtime. See you fellas on the salt.

WA, 197 posts
21 Sep 2017 11:28AM
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Better bring a small sail for Friday Chook


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"Sandgropers 17-18 season" started by bazl