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26in wheels

Created by us123 > 9 months ago, 2 Apr 2017
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2 Apr 2017 10:13PM
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Hello fellas .. I have been looking for the big 26in wheels by air track but going to the Web site its pending is there a dealer in the USA? Does anyone have these 26in aluminum wheels for sale there going on my fed 5

WA, 5783 posts
6 May 2017 8:41PM
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you might find yourself in the same situation as us Australians. we simply made the leap and started building them ourselves. theya re rather easy and cheap to build. from memory I think that the alloy wheels were made in the US

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11 May 2017 12:18AM
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Unfortunately, the metal spinner's shop burned along with the wooden forms over which the wheels were turned. Frank Marsh, who made the forms and the finished wheels, completely retired from the landsailing world after the 2014 worlds. last I heard Seagull was the only remaining supplier. Any metal spinner can make these, the one a few blocks from my house wants about $5000 for the first set!

WA, 1621 posts
12 May 2017 5:44AM
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Glad I make my own for around $60 a wheel


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